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Genesis 40:1-23 What Dreams May Come

Joseph serves faithfully and God uses him mightly. God was setting the stage for later.

While serving in the prison Joseph tends to other prisoners. He sees to all their needs and even offers God’s interpretation of their dreams.

Joseph is no stranger to dreams. He was called “the Dreamer” by his brothers for the dreams he shared with them. The dreams he shared with his brothers were so evident that they needed no interpretation. But those dreams hid the rest of the story. They didn’t give dates and locations or even who and how they would come to pass. The dreams he encounters in prison are not lacking.

We don’t know how long Joseph has been in prison when he meets Pharaoh’s two servants in our story. We don’t know how long their sentence was before their night of dreaming. Nor do we know their ‘crimes’ that landed them in Pharaoh’s prison. What we do know is that they were familiar with Joseph and that he cared for them while they were in this same prison. Read more »

Genesis 39:1-23 Never Alone

Potiphar trusted Joseph implicitly. His wife was the snake in this garden.

We join Joseph in Egypt in his first position. He is purchased by Potiphar as a household servant. Joseph serves faithfully as long as he is there.

Joseph is purchased right away by one of Pharaoh’s highest officers. Potiphar was the captain of the guard. He came as a slave for sale to any who had the price. He could just as easily have been purchased by a master who loved to mistreat his slaves. But he wasn’t. “Why”, you ask. Because “The Lord was with Joseph” (verse 2a). God had a purpose for Joseph from the beginning. His plan would take Joseph through some very hard places but he was always protected. Read more »

Genesis 29:1-30 Double Wedding

Jacob didn’t want two brides. Leah felt cheated and unloved.

Jacob reaches his kinsmen after his long journey and finds exactly the bride he was seeking. But instead of one bride he ends up with two.

When Jacob finally arrives in the area of his relatives he happens upon a group of shepherds. This was his profession while at home. He is intimately familiar with the demands of this job. These shepherds had their sheep lying down in groups waiting for water.

Before doing anything else, Jacob established where these shepherds were from and if his uncle was doing well. He had to make sure he had come to the right place. He didn’t have GPS and he had never visited this part of the world before.

Being a shepherd himself, Joseph knew it was not time for the sheep to be bedding down. They should be in the field grazing. He “suggested” that the shepherds get them watered and back out to pasture. I’m suspicious of his motives. They had just pointed out Rachel to him who was also bringing sheep. It was their practice to wait until all the sheep were assembled before opening the well. I think maybe Jacob was trying to rush the other shepherds off so he could spend some time with Rachel alone. He could also be her “knight in shining armor” by opening the well for her. The group didn’t bite at his invitation though. So instead Jacob rushes to beat the other shepherds to the well to open it for Rachel anyway. Read more »

Genesis 23:1-20 A Place for Sarah

Abraham purchased a special place to bury Sarah. This would become the family plot.

Sarah has lived to see her son grow to be a man of 37 years old. But her time on earth has ended. Abraham wants a personal place to bury her.

Abraham and company have been “sojourning” in the land of Canaan for 62 years. This is my calculation from the time he left Harran and began his journey to wherever God would lead him. His time in Egypt during the famine is included in my calculation because we are not told how long he was there.

They have lived in tents and owned nothing but what could be transported with them from place to place. Abraham did have rights to draw water from wells he dug while living in the land but the land itself did not belong to him. This lack of a fixed physical address was not a hindrance to Abraham’s status among the people or to his prosperity. Read more »

Genesis 12:1-9 Moving On

The rings of our Tree of Life with Christ

We follow Abram, Sarai and Lot into Canaan today. From this “pared down family” God would build for Himself a new family. They are following God’s call.

Imagine waking up one day and God speaking a promise to you like He did to Abram. It has been eleven generations since we have seen such a might promise of God. This doesn’t mean God hasn’t made other promises to other people or even some smaller promises, but this one is BIG and He wants us to pay attention to it.

I just received a vision of a plant growing and being pruned back over and over again to create an even more magnificent and healthier plant. Adam was the first growth. From him spread out MANY branches. As the tree grew the parts closest to the “heart” of the tree remained strong and true to the original tree. Branches further out became “wild” and stopped bearing good fruit. This tree was then pruned back HARD and only the trunk remained. This was the time of Noah. The tree began to grow again this process was repeated. The second pruning wasn’t as severe as the first in terms of “branches burned” but it took our tree back down to the healthy trunk again. Enter Abram. This tree would Read more »