Outside Resources

Sources I Like to Use

I wanted to give a couple of my favorite resources a shout out. You can choose to use them if you like.

  • BibleGateway.com  They are my go to site for looking up key phrases or stories when I’m stuck.
  • ESV Study Bible This is my chosen study bible. I have mine on my Kindle and love it!
  • ESV Study Bible.org Here is a great resource for helping you navigate your ESV study bible.
  • Google.com When I can’t find what I’m looking for in BibleGateway this is my fall back position. I know you all probably know this address but I had to populate this list somehow 😉
  • Archaeological Study Bible This bible helped me address the Rahab question. I gave one to Steve’s mom and Steve as gifts. She uses hers all the time. I can’t get it in large print because it would be bigger than a Strong’s Concordance. It also won’t fit my Kindle because of the charts and graphics. I have to use my SUPER magnifying glasses to read it. People with normal eyesight don’t have this problem though.
  • The Children’s Bible by Golden Press I LOVE this book! This is the bible story book I grew up with and my children grew up with. The stories are beautifully illustrated and easy to understand. The only drawback to this bible story book is that it doesn’t link chapter and verse of where to find the story in your regular bible.

I will add more as we discover them together.