Numbers 5:5-10 Make It Right

I’m sorry demands more than mere words. It requires an action of restitution.

God is calling for restitution for sinning against your neighbor. Don’t just say sorry; make it right by giving back and then some.

When I was reading this passage I had to check out my bible helps. I wasn’t sure what God was referring to here. I didn’t understand the “breaking faith with the Lord” sin. It took the cross reference to get me there and the expert’s discussion to bring it home. Then I needed to ask the Holy Spirit to confirm it for me. So I’m going to go with what I learned and let Him lead from there.

First of all, the cross reference I have in my bible takes me back to Leviticus 6:2-3. We already looked into this section earlier. It deals with defrauding your neighbor by either robbing him of something and lying about it or swearing falsely in court regarding someone. BIG no no’s listed specifically in the Ten Commandments. Leviticus 6 and Numbers 5:5-10 tell the people how to deal with this sin after it is committed. Read more »

Numbers 5:1-4 Clean Camp

God was cleaning house but this “dirt” didn’t get thrown out, only moved until it could be “cleaned up” too.

God calls Moses and the people to “clean up” the camp. This is accomplished by moving the “unclean” outside the camp.

In God’s laws we have already read about one of these groups listed being put outside the camp; the lepers. They would have to live outside the camp while they were infected. Now God calls for more of the unclean people to be put outside the camp. He calls for those with a discharge and those made unclean by being around the dead.

I’m curious if this means women during their periods too. Was this for a long term discharge or one of any length? Also people who were unclean because of contact with the dead could be clean again after evening fell and they had a bath. So was there a short term encampment outside the camp and a long term one? I don’t see these second groups wanting to be in the encampment of lepers. It would be too risky for them. Read more »

Numbers 4:1-49 Levites Duties

I wonder what the “neighbors” thought was under that cloth.

God has Moses number a specific set of the Levites this time. Only the ones who were of working age are listed of the three branches.

When thinking about the work of the people we get to see exactly what this one group was assigned to do. We see what each branch of the Levites were charged with. Their main jobs only happened when the Tabernacle was in motion, just before setting off and coming to rest. The rest of the time their activities were guard duty.

Aaron and his sons performed the priestly duties when in the camp. They were also responsible to get the Tabernacle furniture covered and uncovered for the moves. No one else could even look at the pieces inside the Tabernacle tent. They were also responsible for directing and overseeing the work of the three branches. Read more »

Numbers 3:40-51 Exchange

No payment due because no other would do.

God has Moses count all the firstborn in the camp from one month old upward. Their numbers come in very close to the number of the Levites.

The last time we were together we looked at the numbering of the Levites. I pointed out a discrepancy in the math that brought their total to 300 less than Moses final tally. I discussed that God must have had some reason for this difference. One possible explanation I thought of was the mixing of the three lines. Read more »

Numbers 3:5-39 Levites’ Jobs

A little more data added to our visual. Click on it for a closer look.

God numbers the Levites and assigns their camping spots and duties. This tribe’s number is different than the rest in that ALL males are counted from one month old onward.

The tribe of Levi is the smallest tribe of all. Not only is their number smaller but the way they are counted makes that number even more significantly smaller. I wonder why this is. Again I turn to Excel to give me a visual representation of this. I updated my last chart with today’s information and also ordered the tribes according to Jacob’s original sons. Read more »