Sorry I’ve been gone

Me in my new mask. Hope you are sporting yours too whenever you go out.

Wanted to say sorry to all of you who regularly come study with me. I have been making face masks for my family for the last 5 days. I will be back to writing tomorrow. I wanted to write tonight but my mind is numb. Please be safe and join me again as we continue on with Israel as they prepare to enter the promised land.

I was sent an email encouragement a few days ago and it ties in directly with what we are going to read next. It highlights what was said to Moses right after the battle with Middian. I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow.

Numbers 30:1-16 I Give You My Word

Crossing your fingers does NOT absolve you of your responsibility to honor your word.

Moses speaks to the heads of the tribes about making promises. This message will be passed on to the people from there.

I find it interesting that Moses didn’t have the congregation assembled for this message. It went to the leaders instead. They would be held responsible for passing on the message. These were however the commands and statutes of the Lord so the heads of the tribes were to convey them EXACTLY as Moses shared them.

My mother once said that a man enters this world with two things he can claim as his own; his name and his word. Pray that you receive a clean pair and endeavor to keep them so to pass on to your children. God deals with man and woman’s word. He wants them to remain pure too. Read more »

Numbers 29:12-40 Offering Reminder 8

Israel would return to honoring God as commanded.

We have arrived at the final Holy day celebration for Israel that God ordained in the Law. That is the Feast of Booths.

This Holy day lasts eight days. The offerings here are larger than any other feast God commanded. It is also the first of the feasts where God included the drink offerings for the offerings above the monthly, Sabbath, and daily requirements. I noticed that He doesn’t include the drink offering requirements for the first day’s offerings. When I made my chart I didn’t notice that difference at the time.

Something I find interesting about the offerings for this season of feasting is that it is counting down. The number of bulls decreases by one each day for seven days. The other animals don’t change in numbers required. I also noticed that the number of lambs is ALWAYS greatest in ALL the offerings God has covered. I wonder if this is because Jesus is identified in one of His names as the Lamb of God. Jesus is also called our Good Shepherd. And He was our Passover Lamb sacrifice. Read more »

Numbers 29:7-11 Offering Reminder 7

This is the one day each year when the high priest can enter the Holy of Holies.

Today we look at the Day of Atonement. God reminds the people of what is expected in the way of offerings and behavior.

The Day of Atonement is one of Israel’s most holy days. It also signifies THE greatest gift ever given. I’m curious why God didn’t have Jesus’ crucifixion on this day. Is it maybe because the religious leaders would have feared acting out during the ten day self-examination period? Would they have been in fear of having their names blotted out in the Book of Life?

The Day of Atonement is the final event for the personal introspection period. The day to conclude and finalize all the work being done on the individual’s heart. A time to lay it all before God and ask “Is this enough?” The saddest part to me though when looking at this yearly sacrifice is the idea that Israel is STILL trying to “be worthy enough” to earn their spot in the Book of Life for “one more year.” Read more »

Numbers 29:1-6 Offering Reminder 6

Be ready when the call sounds. It is time to take stock.

God reminds His people of the offering required for the Feast of Trumpets. This Holy day is also known as Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

When I was thinking about this feast I wondered what it signified in the time in the wilderness. I went searching and came across many websites that link it to predictive of Jesus’ second coming. Revelation tells us that the end will be heralded by the sound of trumpets. I even came across a site that felt this feast commemorated God’s Law being given to the people. Read more »