Numbers 15:37-40 Reminders

God chose a physical and pictorial reminder for His people.

God gave the people a physical reminder to look at every day. Something physical that was designed to trigger a memory in them every time they looked at it.

I find myself setting up reminders all the time. One that I am famous for using is writing notes on the palm of my hand. I say it is the notepad that never gets left behind. I also hold my fingers in one of the sign language letters while I’m driving if I have to try and remember to stop somewhere on my way out of town. I find that if I don’t do something like this I operate on auto pilot and breeze right past one of my planned stops. Something else that MANY of us do is set an alarm either on your phone or a clock to remind us of somewhere we need to be or something we need to do.

The children of Israel were in need of reminders too. Every time God got them going good in the right direction something got their attention and they dropped all His teachings out of their minds. Something else they forgot about quite often was His miracles. God gave them a way to address this. I’m not sure why He chose the article of tassels and even a specific color of thread to use but He did. Read more »

Numbers 15:32-36 An Example

The whole congregation was required to carry out the decision of God.

God sticks to His laws with His people. He gives them firm examples as to why they should too.

Reading this story might make one think God is harsh and uncaring. You could also try and argue that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. I know I see elements of that when I just read the words laid down here for us. But then I think deeper about what was going on at the time and how this lesson would impact Israel’s future.

I want to look at this story from five different perspectives. First is the man who was gathering sticks that Sabbath morning. The second is the group who caught him in the act. The third is the members of the congregation. The fourth is Moses. And the fifth is God.

Our man out gathering sticks is up first. I’m wondering why he was out there on a Sabbath. Did he not gather enough of Friday to hold him through the Sabbath? Was he gathering sticks because his family was cold? Did he possibly stay out gathering until just after the Sabbath began? Read more »

Numbers 15:22-31 Unintentional Sin

God’s line in the sand is ALWAYS drawn with love.

God goes over the laws regarding unintentional sin again. These instructions were first shared in Leviticus and added to here for after entering the Promised Land.

When I was first looking at this passage I wasn’t sure when it applied to the children of Israel. God gave Moses the Law earlier and instructions regarding sin offerings were given. What we are reading today IS the sin offering. But it also includes the additional offerings that Moses commanded the people to bring AFTER they reached the Promised Land. Read more »

Numbers 15:1-21 Extra Added

A new layer to the offerings was to be added once reaching the Promised Land.

Moses delivered to the people the laws governing sacrifices while in the wilderness. Now we are given laws that will govern the people when they reach the land God promised to give them.

When first reading this section I wondered why there were things added to the offerings and sacrifices. At first I thought it was a new requirement that resulted from the great sin Israel had just committed. I went back in Leviticus and looked at the sacrifices God had commanded of the people. I noticed a difference. That difference involved which side of the promise they were on. Read more »

Numbers 14:39-45 Too Late

Israel’s response in a nutshell. Please don’t let it be mine, or yours.

God just finished telling Moses that this group of people would NOT be inheriting the Promised Land. They would die by the wayside. But again, they didn’t listen.

Moses shared all the words that God told him privately. He explained how they would be stuck in the wilderness for another 40 years; one for each day of the spy mission. He told them that ALL the men entered into the roles were going to die before God led them in. He specified that their children would be the ones to inherit His promises, not them. He couldn’t have been any clearer if he had shown them an Eye Witness Account of the events as they took place.

God left no doubt in Moses’ mind about their future. There was no going back to the way things used to be. The damage had been done and it was irreparable. God had no faith in this faithless generation. He knew that if He gave them “one more chance” they would blow it, just as before. And here they are about to prove Him right. Read more »