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Genesis 8:1-19 Land Ho!

Noah leaving the ark with his family and the animals,

Our water weary family has been checking the window for months. “Is it time yet?” No. Wait for it… All in God’s perfect time.

My favorite line in our reading is this: “But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark” (verse 1). He didn’t just set them afloat and let them figure it out from there. He took the time to dry the earth, let new growth happen, and settle everything back in place for them; THEN He called them out of the ark. Let’s look back in on our family as they wait for God’s call.

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The rain has stopped but looking out the window hasn’t brought joy to Shem’s wife. She asks Noah every day to open the window so she can track the progress, but he knows that doing so would only make her spirits sink lower. He reminds her that she must have patience. She long for the feel of earth between her toes. “When will this water ever dry up?” Noah opens the window once a week to give her some encouragement. But it is hard to see any change without visible landmarks to judge change by. Read more »

Genesis 7:1-24 All Aboard

Time to load up. God got all the animals together for Noah.

It has been decades in the making and preparations. Now it’s time to load the ark with the animals, provisions and people.

Noah had undertaken this task from God not knowing on what day the rain would come. He didn’t know if he should be rushing trying to finish this task or leisurely taking his time. I believe he worked steady at it throughout all the years. His wife also worked steadily at preparing the food that they were to take. His sons helped him on the building project and their wives helped Mrs. Noah on food preparation and storage. The eight of them made an awesome team!

We aren’t told how many days the ark had been finished before God told Noah it was time to get on board. Maybe they had just finished. Maybe it stood empty and waiting for several months or years. Noah never gave up on God’s promise. He KNEW he had heard from God and was willing to wait Him out. I imagine they started packing the ark with provisions as soon as possible. The fresh stuff would have to wait until the last minute though. Read more »

Genesis 6:9-22 Blueprints

Blueprints might have looked something like this.

God has had enough. Man had made a mess of His creation. Only one man in his generation is following God. It’s time to wipe away the mess and start again.

Noah gets his instructions straight from God. “Noah walked with God” (verse 9b). From this verse it also looks like my question of “were Noah’s sons born when he began working on the ark” is answered. We are told that “Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth” (verse 10). So I’m going to assume that all three of these boys were born, but we don’t know how old they were. We know their approximate ages at the time they entered the ark but not when construction began. We also don’t know if they were married yet, but God’s promise would apply to their spouses too. Read more »

Genesis 3:1-24 Heartbroken

No longer were they to enjoy the pleasure of God’s special garden. Sin had a price.

Today we come to the hard truth of our existence. We ALL fall to temptation. We want what we aren’t supposed to have and it ends in heartbreak.

I will assure you right now that I too would have succumb to the temptation that Eve fell to that day in the garden. You would have too. Maybe not the first time it was offered but we are no different that Adam and Eve; we want MORE all the time. God gave us the ability to choose and KNEW that we would use it for the wrong purpose at some point in time.

So let’s look at this heartbreaking story. I have a few questions I want to pose. I remember when I was a child, my mom voicing wonder at the fact that Eve didn’t bat an eye when a serpent was speaking to her. If ANY animal spoke to us in our language today we would be floored! Thinking about that fact today leads me to believe that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve talked with ALL the inhabitants. The animals didn’t have the fear of man in them and they were all enjoying the wonder God had created together. Man had dominion over them though. Read more »

2 Corinthians 5:11-21 For Our Sake

My Savior came to me. But I had to choose to step into His arms

Paul implores his audience to listen to Jesus’ call. Everything He did He did it for each one of us. And He did it for His Father.

When thinking about our reading today I got a picture of a burning building. I am trapped in the top of this building with no way out. The fire is raging around me. I can’t go down the stairs to freedom. I can’t climb out the window because there is no ledge to hold me. I can’t jump because the fall would kill me. I’m dead, unless… Read more »