1 John 1:5-10 Central Truth

The sun is still shining even though the clouds are in the way. Just like God is still there when sin is in the way.

John begins his first sharing of this central truth; God is holy and righteous. Our sins separate us. But Jesus addressed this issue for us.

“God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all” (verse 5). The “darkness” and “light” John is referring to isn’t the one you get by moving the position on the light switch. He is talking about sin and holiness. There is NO sin in God. No evil. No malice. Not even a hint of revenge.

Some would ask about God’s jealousy. Yes, God says He is a jealous God but that jealousy is not like ours. He wants to be number one in our hearts. Not because He is conceited but because He knows what is best for each of us. And when we put Him as number one He is able to direct our paths to bring about that best for us.

John is calling us to walk in holiness like God. As I was thinking about this I got a picture of a cloudy day. On a cloudy day the sun is actually still shining, there is just something in the way between you and it; the clouds. You can even get sunburnt on a cloudy day because the clouds don’t completely block the sun. What they do block is the warmth and glory of the sun.

Our sin is the clouds. They get in the way between us and God. Just like our weather, which will at some point make clouds, we WILL sin. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (verse 8). With our weather, the wind drives the clouds away and breaks them down until they are nothing. In our spirit, Jesus and the Holy Spirit do this. When we bring our sins to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, He forgives us! Then the “Wind” of the Holy Spirit breaks those clouds up and blows them away; He destroys them completely.

Make no mistake. We have sinned and we will sin again at some point. But Jesus is ready, willing and able to deal with each and every one of those sins. If we refuse to believe this fact, we are trapped without hope. If you won’t admit you need saving from your sins you won’t recognize your need for a Savior.

God sent us Jesus for a reason. He wanted to remove the barrier between us; our sin. We couldn’t do it ourselves and He couldn’t touch it Himself without compromising His holiness. But Jesus could, would, did, and still does address this barrier on both our behalves. Ask Him to return the warmth of God’s presence in your life EVERY DAY. He is MORE than happy to do it!

Thank You Father for making a way for me to be in Your warmth and light. Some days seem more cloudy than others. Looking out my window right now I see nothing but clouds. But I KNOW for certain that the sun is still there. It will just take a bit longer for the clouds to get out of the way.

That feels like my sin revolving around food. There have been some clouds getting in the way again lately. Nothing like they used to be but still there. I KNOW I can trust You to break up ALL of the bits and pieces of that cloud. Please do Your work Holy Spirit and blow this issue out of my life forever! Thank You that when they do reform You are still ready, willing and able to deal with them when I bring them to You. Thank You for tomorrow’s forecast of Sonny Skies!

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