Lessons Learned on Daddy’s Lap

I want to thank you in advance for reading my book. It is a LONG scroll down this page but one I trust you will come away from with a new perspective on something. Feel free to borrow, print or share anything you find here. All that I ask is that you give credit to me and God for the works contained here. I have included PDF links below each page to make sharing them easier. I hope you enjoy what you find here. I welcome your comments on anything you read.

For ease of navigation, I am going to include and index which will link to the various pages (I hope). I am also going to denote where I start adding new material not included in the book. This material will follow the book if you scroll down but will also include links to the new pieces.

Lessons Learned on Daddy’s Lap:

Cover; Credits Page; Dear Reader;
Story Time; Just Because I Love You; Simply and Forever, Thank You;
My King and I; You Showed Me Why; Just For Me;
I Witness News Creation; Holding Daddy’s Hand; Who’s Plan Is It?;
What’s In Your Field?; Peace With The Pieces; Popsicle Sticks & Paper Clips;
I Witness News Flood; My View v God’s View; Heaven’s Tears;
The Master’s Plan; Everyone Serving; In The Tool Box;
I Witness News Red Sea; Where is the Focus; His Jewel;
Are You Listening; I Witness News Jesus’ Birth; Remember Me;
Life Under Construction; Pruning; You Hold My Tears;
My Shepherd’s Care; Never Alone In Any Lesson; I Witness News Water Walking
In Your Arms Between Triumph & Tears; With What Measure;
The Cock Crowed; I Witness News Resurrection; Your Servants;
Time Passes; Water Everywhere; I Witness News Ascension;
Night of Prayers; Letting Go; Thank You for The Laughter;
Dear God; Compare The Kings; I Witness News Holy Spirit;
The Road Home; No Question Too Small or Too Strange; I Witness News Revelation;
Story Time Poem; Additional Items: From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly

Cover pg1

Cover                                                 Top of Page
Credits pg2

Credits page                                                              Top of Page
Dear reader pg3

Dear Reader                                                             Top of Page
Story time part 1 pg 4

Story Time                                              Top of Page
Just Because I Love You

Just Because I Love You                                         Top of Page
Tahnk you page 5

Simply and Forever Thank You                                   Top of Page
The King and I pg 6

My King and I                                                      Top of Page
You showed me why pg 7You Showed Me Why                                             Top of Page
For Me pg 8

Just For Me                                                    Top of Page
I witness creation pg 9

I Witness News Creation                                          Top of Page
Holding Daddy's hand pg 10

Holding Daddy’s Hand                                           Top of Page
Who's plan is it pg 11

Who’s Plan is it?                                                   Top of Page
Holy Cows v Yah Buts pg 12

What is in Your Field                                                 Top of Page
Piece with the pieces pg 13

Peace With the Pieces                                                 Top of Page
Popcicle sticks and paper clips pg 14

Popsicle Stick and Paper Clips                                      Top of Page
I witness flood pg 15

I Witness News Flood                                                Top of Page
My view v God's view pg 16

My View v God’s View                                                Top of Page
Prayer in three parts pg 17

Heaven’s Tears                                                      Top of Page
The Master's plan pg 18

The Master’s Plan                                               Top of Page
Everything and everyone serving pg 19

Everyone Serving                                         Top of Page
In the tool box pg 20

In The Tool Box                                             Top of Page
I witness red sea pg 21

I Witness News Red Sea                                             Top of Page
Where is the focus pg 22

Where is the Focus                                                  Top of Page
A jewel pg 23

His Jewel                                                        Top of Page
Are you listening pg 24

Are You Listening                                               Top of Page
I witness Jesus birth pg 25

I Witness News Jesus Birth                                     Top of Page
REmember me pg 26

Remember Me                                                     Top of Page
Life under construction pg 27

Life Under Construction                                             Top of Page
Pruning pg 28

Pruning                                                                   Top of Page
You hold my tears pg 29

You Hold My Tears                                                  Top of Page
My shepheard's care pg 30

My Shepherd’s Care                                                   Top of Page
Never alone in any lesson pg 31

Never Alone in Any Lesson                                              Top of Page
I witness waterr walking pg 32

I Witness News Water Walking                                  Top of Page
In your arms pg 33

In Your Arms                                             Top of Page
Between triumph and tears pg 34

Between Triumph & Tears                                Top of Page
With what measure pg 35

With What Measure                                       Top of Page

The Cock Crowed                                                    Top of Page

I witness resurection pg 37

I Witness News Resurrection                                Top of Page

Your servants pg 38

Your Servants                                                            Top of Page

Time Passes                                                  Top of Page

Water everywhere pg 40

Water Everywhere                                                     Top of Page

I witness assention pg 41

I Witness News Ascension                                        Top of Page

Night of prayer pg 42

Night of Prayers                                       Top of Page

Letting go pg 43

Letting Go                                                   Top of Page

Thank you for the laughter pg 44

Thank You For The Laughter                                   Top of Page

Letter to God pg 45

Dear God                                                      Top of Page

Comapir the kings pg 46

Compare The Kings                                     Top of Page

I witness Holy Spirit pg 47

I Witness News Holy Spirit                                           Top of Page

The road home pg 48

The Road Home                                      Top of Page

No question too small or too strange pg 49

No Question Too Small or Too Strange                     Top of Page

I witness revelation pg 50

I Witness News The Revelation                           Top of Page

Story time poem pg 51

Story Time Poem                                          Top of Page

My change

From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly                               Top of Page