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Leviticus 13:1-59 Leprosy Laws

A loving Father protecting His children

On the issue of clean and unclean God moves on to the condition of leprosy. This condition was more than skin deep and was contagious.

First off, can I say I never knew clothing could be “leprous”? Apparently it can by our reading. I wonder if this is akin to mold or mildew that gets into fabrics. I could easily understand that. At one point I purchased some fabric from the store that had been in an area with flooding and I found mildew developing in it. It had damaged the fabric threads, not just the look of it. I brought this piece back to the store for a refund.

Ok. Let’s move on to people and the issue of leprosy. I’m wondering if skin diseases were a big problem that God felt it necessary to include it in His Law. Apparently everyone knew what it looked like because when Moses performed the sing with it the elders recognized it right away. I also wonder if what they termed as leprosy was the same thing we do. Today, we call leprosy Hansen’s Disease in honor of the doctor who found its cause; the microbe. It is also curable now. Read more »

Leviticus 8:1-36 Aaron’s Consecration

The first offering of the new Tabernacle was for the sins of the priests who would now serve the Lord.

It is time to anoint Aaron and his sons and officially begin the service of the Tabernacle. We have heard about it often but now it actually happens.

God had spoken to Moses about how this event was to take place. He prescribed the exact sequence of events and told him everything he was to do. I don’t know if Moses shared this information with Aaron and his sons or not prior to this day. We don’t get to see Aaron and his sons’ attitudes until a bit later. Let’s jump into the story today and see how things might have looked.

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“Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.” Read more »

Exodus 37:1-38:20 Tabernacle Construction

God gave the visions necessary for His words to be brought to life.

Bezalel continues the work on the Tabernacle. We see that he makes it exactly as God had commanded Moses.

We are told that Bezalel made all the pieces for the Tabernacle. I have a feeling he shared the workload with the other craftsmen who were involved in the Lord’s work but everything was done under his direct authority. He probably left his “fingerprints” all over the project in one way of another. I expect he may have been the one to hammer out the cherubim and the lampstand. These two piece would take a vision from the Lord to actually see what it was He was calling for.

I have to admit that reading that Bezalel followed the specifications given by the Lord is NOT very exciting. We don’t get any insight into what was going on as the work progressed or what kind of detail was added to the projects. It’s pretty cut and dry throughout all the recording of the work. Read more »

Exodus 35:30-36:38 Builders

The Lord even created the very colors He wanted used in His project.

Moses announces God’s chosen builders and everyone gets to work. The whole group is excited to be undertaking this task.

I’m going to have to start off with a confession. We have read the details of the tabernacle so many times that I find myself skimming through this reading. It may be “old news” to us but it was exciting and new to those on “the ground floor” of constructing what God designed.

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The people had been gathering and bringing supplies to Moses as their freewill offerings to the Lord for a week now. There was so much gathered that it covered the floor of the tent of meeting and rose up in heaps. There was gold and silver and bronze articles in every
imaginable design. There were also stacks of spun yarn in blue, scarlet, purple and white Read more »

Exodus 34:29-35 Glowing

God’s presence “rubbed off” on Moses while they were together.

Moses has spent an incredible time with the Lord and his face clearly shows it. The people are frightened by the change in Moses.

God and Moses spent 40 days and nights together on the mountain. Moses ate and drank nothing while he was there. We aren’t told if he slept or if he even noticed the passage of time. Did God “observe” the Sabbath while with Moses? Did they work and visit straight through the time? If they did observe the Sabbath did they share stories during their down time? Did Moses get to meet any other Heavenly residents?

Whatever they did together changed Moses forever. This change was more than an inward change or even a behavioral change. Moses took on the radiance of God’s presence. We aren’t told if it faded over time but we know the relationship with God didn’t. This facial changed scared the people. I can’t say as I blame them for being scared, I probably would have been too. Read more »