Ephesians 1:3-14 The Original Planner

He knows all the obstacles and the special attractions.

Paul continues his prayer and greeting for the Ephesian believers. He prays for this people whom God knew before He even said, “Let there be…” God only has a Plan A. He doesn’t need Plan B.

Paul painstakingly brings his reader from creation until (their) now to communicate how deeply and personally God cares for each one of them; us too. God “chose us in Him before the foundation of the world” (verse 4). He didn’t just pick us to be special but to be adopted through Jesus. He chose us to be His children.

God knew from before the beginning of time what it would take to have us as His children. He knew we were going to blow it spiritually before He gave Adam his first breath. He KNEW it would cost His Son His life. He knew that not all people would accept Jesus’ work and His free gift. But He chose to speak those words of creation anyway.

You have probably seen the slogan “Our freedom wasn’t free” when talking about the military and how freedom in the United States was purchased by their sacrifice. The same is MORE than true for our spiritual freedom. God the Father gave His own Son for our freedom. He valued our relationship with Him that much. Jesus willingly laid down His life to purchase our freedom. He paid for it with His blood. And He did it even for those who would refuse to accept that purchase price. Our freedom cost Him everything; even His Father’s presence for a time.

God had this plan laid out step by step from the beginning. That isn’t to say that He locked us in a mold and forced us to play a part scripted for us. He knew man’s heart even before making it. His plan called for a free choice. He will not force Himself on anyone. But being God, He already knows the choices we will make. He structures our environment to encourage the right choices but He doesn’t force them. He uses who we are, our personalities, our motivations, and our influences to guide us to Himself. But even in all the guiding He still lets us make the final choice to love Him.

Those who choose freely to love Him and follow Him, He gives His guarantee of acceptance; His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is His seal of approval. His Spirit guides us from where we were to where we will be with Him in the end. The Spirit speaks for God into our spirit and brings us closer to God every day. He walks with us all the way home. He knows the roads. He knows the obstacles. And He knows the travelers intimately.

Father God, thank You that I am never lost wandering on my own. You knew me before the foundations of time. And STILL You chose me as Your own. I will never understand why but I will forever appreciate it. Thank You that You still know the choices that lay ahead of me and that Your Spirit will guide me in making them. I know I won’t always make the right choices, but You know that too and have plans in place for when I do. Nothing I do is a surprise to You. You never have to scramble to fix what I’ve broken. You are not “Rand McNally” incorporating all the new roads into You latest edition of maps. You drew the roads before the trees were even planted. You have it ALL mapped out and I can trust Your map to be spot on and up to the minute. Thank You for choosing me to walk with You on Your roads.

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