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Leviticus 18:1-30 Sexual Laws

I want to know how the symbol of God’s promise never to destroy the whole world by flood became the rallying point for today’s LGBTQ movement? 

God sets down specific laws regarding sexual relationships and marriage. He does NOT want His people following after their neighbor’s examples.

The first thing God addresses is the close family marriages. In the beginning and after the flood there were no other options. EVERYONE was a close family member. But as the earth’s population grew so did the distance between each individual line. When Abraham was called out though those lines became narrowed again. Sari was Abram’s sister. They shared a father. Also Abraham and Isaac both had their sons marry within their close family tree.

Without diversity in the gene pool genetic abnormalities begin to crop up. God protected His chosen line until it was strong enough to require diversity. We are meant to have a family tree not a family walking stick. The diversity is what keeps the tree healthy as well as giving it character. Read more »

Leviticus 17:10-16 Blood Rules

There is life in the blood and the blood gives new life.

God gave instructions to His people about how to use the blood in sacrifices. Now He deals with why and puts an absolute moratorium on consuming blood.

When God created the Heavens and the Earth He populated it with His magnificent imagination. He made oceans and mountains. He made plants and animals. And He made man. Each thing He made is special and unique. The seas don’t have the same design as the mountains. The one flows around while the other stands tall and firm. But the one has an effect on the other. The plants and the animals have vastly different lives but they are both living and breathing. Man has the biggest impact on them all because God gave him dominion over all that was created. God also gave man the duty to care for all that was created. Read more »

Leviticus 17:1-9 A Special Place

Only ONE way to the Father.

God calls for all worship to be centralized, specifically in His Tabernacle. No more making altars wherever and whenever you wanted.

When we last met I pondered the idea of the multiple sacrifices making the people numb to the death required for the offerings and sacrifices. Did they ever go through the motions without the feeling behind it? Did they ever put their hand out with the knife and not see the great substitution work taking place? Did they value the life they were taking as if it was their own? Read more »

Leviticus 16:1-34 ONE Day

One sacrifice lifted all the weight and one weight listed all the guilt.

God sets up the rules for the Day of Atonement. ONE day a year this is to happen. His Holy Place is not a revolving door.

I don’t know if God was changing things since operation began in the Tabernacle or not. From the wording in the first part of our reading it feels like that to me. God didn’t make this “one day a year” arrangement until sometime after Aaron’s sons had been killed for their irreverence. Was Aaron coming into the Holy of Holies whenever he felt the need beforehand? Or was he staying as far away from that curtain as possible because of what happened to his sons? If it was me, and I knew how far from perfect I was (am), I would be walking on eggshells and asking permission before even breathing. But I honestly have no idea how Aaron would have been acting. Read more »

Leviticus 15:1-33 Discharges

God treats men and women equal here.

God doesn’t shy away from the intimate discussions. He dives right in. This time He addresses bodily discharges.

As a woman I’m VERY familiar with this word and also acquainted with the biblical customs surrounding it. The primary discharge God addresses with women is their monthly cycle. We were first introduced to the “untouchable” or “unclean” aspect of this bodily function when Rachel hid the household gods of Laban by saying she was in that time of month and the men would NOT touch her or search where she was sitting. God hadn’t marked this “unclean” at this point but man had.

God chose to address discharges in both sexes and he chose to do so with men first. As a woman I hadn’t heard of a “discharge” that men would have. At first I thought He was referring to bloody diarrhea and such but found out (through google of course) that men can have a “discharge” from their penis. I will save the medical reasons for one’s doctor but sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections are two possible causes listed. Read more »