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Joshua 3:1-17 Over Jordan

This was a once in a lifetime miracle for most of the people. (I borrowed this picture from Archaeology Illustrated.)

The time has come to cross the Jordan and for God to show that Joshua is His chosen leader. Just like with Moses at the Red Sea, the people cross the Jordan on DRY ground.

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“Is it time yet? Is it time yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Is it time yet? Is it time yet?”

“Not yet. Be patient!”

“Is it time yet? I’m so tired of waiting.”

“Not yet but very soon!”

“When is it going to be ‘soon’?” Read more »

Joshua 2:1-24 They’re Not Here

God sent her a way of salvation before she even knew His name.

Joshua sent two spies to check out Jericho. Just a quick peek at the area and especially the city they would face first. Not out of fear but out of preparation.

The last time we were together Joshua told the people to get ready because they were going over the Jordan in three days. I’m going to say that he sent the spies out from Shittim a little before that. We are told that they hid in the mountains for three days while the king’s men searched for them. Then they had to make their way back to Joshua on the other side of the Jordan. This doesn’t even take into account how long it took them to get to Jericho and the day that they hid out. I’m guessing a week tops for their scouting trip. Read more »

Joshua 1:10-18 Three Days

God called Joshua into this leadership role and He would stand with him in it.

God told Joshua to get ready to go. Now Joshua tells the people this same thing. “Within three days you are to pass over this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land that the Lord your God is giving you to possess” (verse 10).

Joshua isn’t wasting any time thinking over the command He received from the Lord. This is the day they have all been waiting for! He and Caleb were ready the last time they came to this point in their journey but the people’s unbelief got them turned away. The people wanted to kill them the last time for trusting in God and in Moses’ directions. This time is a totally different story! Read more »

Joshua 1:1-9 New Leadership

I may not look like much to the world but with God by my side we can do ANYTHING!

Welcome to Joshua! We mourned with Israel when Moses died on the mountain top. Now it is time to move into God’s promise with Joshua.

Joshua has been under Moses’ tutelage for the past 40 years. The past several years Moses knew he wasn’t going to be going into the Promised Land with them. I don’t know if he told Joshua right away or if he held out hope that God would change His mind and didn’t tell Joshua until God said to anoint him as the new leader. I can’t imagine the magnitude of the task Moses laid on Joshua’s shoulders! And he didn’t have years of Moses helping him ease into this role or available if he felt like he was in over his head. Read more »

Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Gathered Home

God sat with Moses on the mountain side and showed him His promise.

We have reached the end of Moses’ life. He goes up on one last mountain with God to look over the land that He had promised the people.

Moses was a special prophet. There had never been a prophet like him before and never again would there be. God knew him face to face, the number and kinds of miracles done by God, and the magnitude of the mission God sent him to do. He wasn’t the only one of God’s prophets that were special to Him but they had a unique relationship. Read more »