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Exodus 9:13-35 Hail NO

This was no ordinary hail storm. It was death to anyone left in the fields. Those who DIDN’T listen.

We come to the seventh plague on Egypt. That of hail. Killing hail! But God also told them how to protect themselves during it. IF they listened.

This plague carried a difference for the Egyptians who had “learned their lesson” by now. Those who feared God and trusted the word of Moses would be spared. They were spared by doing EXACTLY as Moses told them to; get under cover. Their crops weren’t spared but their lives and that of their animals were, IF they listened and obeyed.

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The evening meal is over and Moses is again under his favorite tree. He is spending some quiet time with the Lord. The days were hard again since the plague of boils had passed. Moses needs this time in the evening to give him strength to go on with the Lord’s work and his physical labors. It is amazing how much physical strength he receives in his quiet time with the Lord. He wouldn’t trade it for anything! Read more »

Exodus 9:8-12 Misery on Me

All the Egyptians and even the animals they “recruited” to replace those lost suffered from this plague.

First I want to say thank you for bearing with me while I stepped away this weekend. I had grandkids and their parents over for our annual Camp NaPa. We had a BLAST! But I’m VERY glad it only lasts two days! Back on track now.

Today we read about the sixth plague God “graced” Egypt with; BOILS. If you have ever had a boil you will minimally understand what they were facing. They were covered head to foot and had NO relief! Remind anyone of the suffering of Job? Two different instances, two different reasons, and two different outcomes.

A few things struck me in reading about this plague. The first is that with this plague Pharaoh wasn’t presented with an ultimatum. He wasn’t given a chance to let the people of Israel go. Second, he wasn’t given warning of what was to come. Moses simply made a demonstration in his presence and then God worked the rest out. Third, this is also the first time it is said that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. I’m wondering if it was because this Read more »

Exodus 9:1-7 Goodnight Camels

Still separate from Egypt. God is protecting the Israelites during His judgement.

Pharaoh has reneged on his promise again. God sends him another plague to get his attention. This one doesn’t directly touch him though.

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Moses is sitting under his favorite tree. He is frustrated. This is the second time Pharaoh has gone back on his word to release the people of Israel. He knows the Lord told him that this would be a long process. It’s just that he thought they had finally won their freedom after the last time. But then rethinking all that the Lord has said to him, the Lord’s prophecy about Pharaoh “driving them out” certainly didn’t fit with his last encounter with Pharaoh.

As he is pondering Israel’s struggle the Lord calls to him again with more instructions. Read more »

Exodus 8:20-32 Lord of the Flies

Israel no longer suffered along side of the Egyptians. God made a dividing line.

Today we read about the fourth plague on Egypt; plague of flies. This plague is different because the Hebrews no longer endure these plagues, only the Egyptians and their servants.

I don’t know about you but I HATE FLIES!!! I had one house in Germany that had so many flies that it drove me NUTS! It was nothing to kill 50 or more flies in one rampage on them. There was an open sewer grate near my back door and the flies just LOVED that place. We kept the interior doors closed as much as possible to keep them out or in one area. VERY happy to move from that house. But even my current house isn’t fly free.

The Egyptians experience makes my house in Germany look like nothing! They were going to encounter flies on a scale never before seen. Why? Because God was getting Pharaoh’s attention in a BIG way as well as establishing His name even more firmly with the rest of the nations. Read more »

Exodus 8:16-19 Gnats To You

All the land suffered this plague, even the animals.

This is the third plague God sends on Egypt; gnats. This time Pharaoh is given no warning or opportunity for avoiding it. More striking though is that his magicians recognize the hand of God.

This is the first time Pharaoh wasn’t given warning of what was to come. God speaks to Moses and has him command Aaron alone to do this miracle. Originally I thought Moses and Aaron did this outside of Pharaoh’s presence but on further consideration I’m assuming this took place when Moses and Aaron went to inquire about the promise Pharaoh had made regarding the lifting of the plague of frogs. He went back on his promise so Moses commanded Aaron to take the next step. Pharaoh is still unconvinced and asks his magicians if they can replicate what is going on. They can’t. THIS is the work of God. Pharaoh can’t fake it. Read more »