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Two Tellings: First Telling

This tells the full story, if you know where to look.

The last time we were together we looked at the “bold line” of Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem. The place our bible authors chose to start His journey was a prediction of His death. This wasn’t the first time He had told them about what was to come but it was the most detailed time, before the final night. I want to look at two different times He told them about what “the prophets” wrote about Him. The first is this last “on the road” telling and the second happens on the road to Emmaus.

I want to look at the emotions of the disciples in each of these two instances. I want to look at Jesus’ telling of the story. And I want to look at the results of each of these tellings. Let’s take them one telling at a time to begin with, and then put them together in the end. Let’s put ourselves in the story each time and see where the Holy Spirit takes us. We are going to do this in three parts so reading (and writing) it won’t take forever. Read more »

2 Corinthians 5:11-21 For Our Sake

My Savior came to me. But I had to choose to step into His arms

Paul implores his audience to listen to Jesus’ call. Everything He did He did it for each one of us. And He did it for His Father.

When thinking about our reading today I got a picture of a burning building. I am trapped in the top of this building with no way out. The fire is raging around me. I can’t go down the stairs to freedom. I can’t climb out the window because there is no ledge to hold me. I can’t jump because the fall would kill me. I’m dead, unless… Read more »

Romans 15:1-7 Obligation of Care

An Honor to love. Steve and Annette Vincent

I’m in a strange place tonight because of so much going on in my life. I feel God is speaking directly to me in the first two verses in our reading. I know Paul’s instructions are for the Jews and Gentiles as well as the “stronger” and “weaker” brothers and sisters, but my heart needs to cry out tonight in a different direction instead.

I don’t know if I have actually come out and said that I care for my husband who is disabled. If not, tonight is the night to share it then. Ten years prior to our meeting he had gone through brain surgery to remove a tumor. He had obvious physical issues relating to it but that did not prevent us from falling in love and marrying. As time has progressed so have his physical and cognitive issues. Because of the radiation he underwent to kill the tumor, his cognitive functioning has suffered significantly and continues to decline. That is the issue that I am struggling with right now. Read more »

Acts 9:36-43 We Still Need Her

Tabitha, arise.

We get to read about another amazing miracle that happened in Peter’s ministry. This one is full of outstanding faith and reminiscent of the prophets of old as well as Jesus Himself. Let’s look in on Peter and see what’s going on.

Peter has been going about preaching and teaching the Jews wherever he can find them. He is one of the head apostles of the new church but he also likes to be a “boots on the ground” leader. He wants to reach out to the lost as well as interact with the new and established believers in the churches that have been planted. He is in Lydda when two men come to him. “Please come to us without delay” (verse 38). Read more »

John 8:12-30 Haven’t You Been Listening?

The truth doesn’t change just because you won’t listen!

Jesus is once again in the temple teaching. John puts Him in the treasury, which was near the court of the women. This way ALL can hear His message. Hear but not understand.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (verse 12). Jesus is making a blanket offer to any who would believe the truth. It is also a very compelling offer. Jesus is offering a way out of darkness (sin and sinful ways) and a way into eternal life. I don’t know if those listening understood His offer fully, John tells us that some did believe that day. Read more »