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Exodus 13:17-22 Divine Direction

God provided a “compass” that couldn’t be missed or changed by circumstances.

We get to see a little of God’s map for the children of Israel. He didn’t just leave them to make their own way out of Egypt. HE planned their route and showed them the way.

Ok, I’m going to admit right here that there is not ONE perfect agreed upon map that can show me the distance between the places sited by the Holy Spirit for God’s word or even their EXACT locations. When googling the distance between Succoth and Etham I noticed this problem right away. One group of maps show me a fairly northern route that takes the children of Israel to cross the Red Sea using the Gulf of Aqaba. Another group doesn’t have them crossing the Red Sea at all, so we can rule this group out entirely. There is a third group that has them using a very southern route and crossing the Red Sea at the Straits of Tiran. This third option has them traveling a MUCH greater distance between the identified points. Read more »

Exodus 13:3-16 First Instructions

God’s first instructions to His new nation. A remembrance of all He had done for them.

Moses gives the children of Israel their first set of instructions outside of Egypt. They center on remembering this moment forever.

All the statutes Moses gives the people now are ones he received in connection with the final plague. He was told of the remembrance observance with unleavened bread prior to the Passover night. But he just received the consecration of the firstborn statute while as Succoth. This would NOT be the end of Israel’s instructions from the Lord but it was a firm beginning.

♥ ♦ ♥

Moses and Aaron survey the people. Moses has just shared the message he received from the Lord with Aaron. Now it is time to address the people. So they can be heard by all, Moses had Aaron stand with him on the stone grouping where he had met with the Lord.

Since telling the people that the Lord was going to bring them out of Egypt, Moses and Aaron have only once given them specific directions to follow. That was in preparation for the final plague. Those directions were given to protecting their lives from the plague of the first born by performing the sacrifice exactly as the Lord commanded. Read more »

Exodus 12:43-13:2 Redemption Rules

Moses didn’t need … to know God was about to speak, his spirit was in tune and he showed patience.

The children of Israel are finally free from Egypt. God sets a new standard for them regarding separation and redemption.

Even under Egyptian rule the children of Israel continued the practice of circumcision. Moses had neglected to circumcise at least one of his sons, but this was remedied by his wife when his life was in danger by an angel. All those coming out of Egypt were circumcised. But this was a “mixed multitude” who followed Moses out. I don’t know the state of every male that accompanied them, but I suspect those that aligned with Israel also followed their practices; even those who were of mixed blood.

The instructions the Lord is giving Moses today regarding the Passover feast are for future generations. This generation had already partaken of the Passover meal. These instructions would actually not be applicable until Israel founded their new home in the Promised Land. While in the wilderness they lived on manna from Heaven and none of the children were circumcised until after crossing the Jordan. His final instructions for today though are for this people and all those from then on; the firstborn belong to Him. Read more »

Exodus 12:33-42 Out With a Shout

This great multitude of people walked out of Egypt.

Israel is finally leaving Egypt with EVERYTHING. Pharaoh and the people are pushing them from behind and they are leaving with joy!

Have you ever been lumped into a group and didn’t know if you really belonged or even wanted to be part of it? I’m imagining that this was true for some of the Israelites. Some were perfectly content to remain in Egypt. If it weren’t for Moses and Aaron calling for the release of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, some might have chosen to “stay home” instead. But this night ALL of Egypt wanted ALL of Israel GONE! They weren’t taking any chances. They were afraid of Israel’s God. “We shall all die if they don’t all leave!” Read more »

Exodus 12:29-32 Cry In The Night

A cry went up from Egypt the likes of which had never been heard before or since.

The time has come for the final plague on Egypt; death of the firstborn. This is also the moment of Israel’s release from 430 YEARS of slavery!

♥ ♦ ♥

The elders of the tribes have just left Moses and Aaron. The countdown has begun. Before morning the Hebrews will be a free people.

“This is it! This is the night that we finally will be free. I can hardly wait to see how the Lord does all this.” Aaron is almost giddy as he shares with Moses.

Moses nods his head. “Remember though that no matter how badly you want to see the Lord’s work DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR!” Read more »