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Exodus 20:1-21 Ten Commandments

The people could see the presence of God and it shook their hearts.

Moses and Aaron are both on the mountain top where the Lord will give them His first list of instructions. These are the outline for the complete instructions He has for His people.

The people have just consented to be HIS “treasured possession.” They have put away their petty arguments for the time being and are standing at attention at the bottom of the mountain, awaiting His instructions.

I have no idea how long this whole process took. The back and forth for Moses, the fetching of Aaron, the Lord giving His commandments, the people asking for Moses to speak with God instead of them hearing from Him, and the rest of the instructions from the Lord. This could have been several hours, a day or even a week. Later on we’ll see where the people wait a week for those brought onto the mountain to return. When Moses goes for 40 days later on the people don’t wait at the base of the mountain but go back to camp. Read more »

Exodus 19:1-25 Instructions Begin

“If I can have your attention please. Let’s get this lesson started. Turn with me to page one in your books.”

Moses has had his time freed up by setting up a tiered structure for the people to go for help. Now it’s time for him to get one on one time with God to share further instructions with the people.

Have you ever noticed that God does things in steps and stages? Moses was so busy taking care of the people’s daily squabbles that he didn’t have time for anything else. From morning until evening every day he sat and handed down God’s decisions for the people’s issues. I’m betting a LOT of those issues were petty and (I’m just going to say it) stupid! “He took my tent site.” “She took manna from where I was gathering.” “He stole one of my sheep.” (That one might be a little bigger but who could tell one from the other with so many roaming about ?)

Things that the people could have easily handled if they would have worked together and tried using a little love. Probably the same kinds of issues we are dealing with today that need a LOT of work! Read more »

Exodus 18:1-27 Sound Advice

Alice needed someone else to give her advice and should FOLLOW it too!

Jethro brings Moses’ family to him. They stayed with him while Moses was working for the Lord freeing Egypt. Now Jethro has some advice concerning every day duties of Moses

Moses sent Zipporah, Gershom and Eliezer home to her father in the beginning of the plagues. He did not want his family endangered or even stressed by the process Israel was enduring. Now that they are a free people it is time to reunite the family. Read more »

Exodus 17:8-16 First Battle

The Lord’s staff raised above the battle ground served as His banner to inspire His people.

Israel encounters their first battle as a new people. Amalek didn’t heed God’s victory over Egypt. Israel was entering their territory and they were going to teach them a lesson!

This is the first time, but not the last, Israel will encounter Amalek in battle. It is also the first of the MANY people they will have to stand against to complete God’s promise in their lives.

God’s miracle at the Red Sea was told about in all the areas around it but apparently some of the people weren’t impressed by it. Could it be they thought this was a fluke? Or did they think that this was a once in a lifetime intervention? Or maybe they though that Israel’s God had lost interest in them by now? Or is it possible they thought they had to deal with Israel NOW before they got too strong to do something about later? Or did they simply see the water God had just released for Israel and decide THEY needed it more than Israel did? I wonder if they asked, or even considered, sharing it. Read more »

Exodus 17:1-7 Hard Water

Moses obeyed and God provided enough water for ALL, including the animals.

The children of Israel are thirsty again. But instead of trusting in the Lord and asking His provision they “grumbled” at Moses again.

When Israel faced a water shortage before, I was gracious and empathized with their need for water. Water is STILL necessary for life and I understand their need for it. But they didn’t draw on ALL the experiences where God came through for them before. Or did they?

Each time they faced trouble they griped and complained until Moses interceded for them. Then God would move on their behalf. Maybe that is how they thought things would continue to work. They didn’t have to do any of the “trusting” or “faith work” themselves. All they had to do was pester the one with the connections to get their needs met. Bad parenting maybe? Or hard hearted and hard headed people? Read more »