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Exodus 12:1-28 Mark This Date

This mark would be the sign to leave those in this home untouched by this plague of death.

We have made it to the final plague; death of the firstborn. This plague is the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” in Egypt’s case. “GET OUT” cries the people from Pharaoh on down.

When reading our text I had a BIG question. I’m wondering if the format that God gives Moses is for the FIRST time, which includes their final boot, or if it is for the following year forward. I can easily go along with altering the calendar with this plague but did the prescribed preparation also occur this first time?

I went searching for this answer through Google. I came across a site I put a lot of stock in and they proposed that it happened as prescribed the first time also. Pharaoh wasn’t given a schedule for the whole process, but the children of Israel were. I’m still having trouble reconciling some of the comments later on with that position. I honestly don’t know where to fall on this issue. Read more »

Exodus 11:1-10 One More Time

God gave Israel favor in the eyes of the Egyptians, providing them the with materials He would use later.

God is preparing Moses for the final plague. The end is in sight but there are a few things to get in order before it happens.

God is a little vague when He first starts talking to Moses about what is coming next. He starts with getting the Hebrews ready for the journey before it happens. Then God sends Moses to share what is actually coming. The next part of our reading has me a little stumped over one issue. We are not told specifically if Moses appears before Pharaoh. We are told that Moses “went out from Pharaoh in hot anger” (verse 8b), but was this a symbolic leave taking or a physical one. Pharaoh had threatened to kill Moses if he had even seen him. Did Pharaoh put aside that threat for the sake of knowledge?

For the sake of our story I’m going to have Moses stand before Pharaoh to announce this plague. We know for certain that Pharaoh isn’t given an opportunity to avoid this plague though. No ultimatums, just straight facts of what will take place so that when it does Pharaoh can point DIRECTLY at the source and solution. This is one “plague” that Pharaoh can’t wait out or go back to business as usual after it passes. This plague alters Pharaoh’s and all of Egypt’s lives from then on. Read more »

Exodus 10:21-29 PITCH BLACK

NOTHING could penetrate the darkness and the people stayed where they were for the duration.

It is time for God to send His 9th plague. This is the plague of darkness. A darkness so profound that it was felt as well as seen.

Fear of the dark is one of the most basic fears we have. EVERY child has experienced this fear. Most grow out of it but some carry that fear into adulthood. The best thing about being afraid of the dark is that when the light is turned on the fear leaves. The darkness that Egypt experiences during this plague can’t be driven away by light. NO light will penetrate it. No candle. No lamp. No sunrise. NOTHING can pierce this darkness.

This plague of darkness was another one that was not announced to Pharaoh and he was not given a “chance” to prevent it by obeying the word of the Lord. Moses and God knew what was going to happen and Moses only knew when God told him to act. There wasn’t time for the Egyptians to prepare for this “power outage.” They literally had to stop in their tracks and wait it out. Read more »

Exodus 10:1-20 Beating Wings

Egypt faces the end of their crops. This would mean more than damage to Egypt’s pocketbook. This would affect their bread basket too.

The eighth plague is ready for Pharaoh and Egypt; locust. SO MANY that you can’t even see the ground. Beating wings of death to every green thing in all the land.

If I was in Moses’ shoes and the Lord told me that HE had “hardened the heart” of the person I was going up against I probably would have been discouraged. Moses knew he was fighting an uphill battle from the beginning. He had been part of Pharaoh’s home until he was 40 years old. He knew the importance of the Hebrew slaves to the Egyptian economy. He also knew the overall attitude of superiority of the Egyptians. He was going up against all this with a command he knew they were dead set against following. Read more »

Exodus 9:13-35 Hail NO

This was no ordinary hail storm. It was death to anyone left in the fields. Those who DIDN’T listen.

We come to the seventh plague on Egypt. That of hail. Killing hail! But God also told them how to protect themselves during it. IF they listened.

This plague carried a difference for the Egyptians who had “learned their lesson” by now. Those who feared God and trusted the word of Moses would be spared. They were spared by doing EXACTLY as Moses told them to; get under cover. Their crops weren’t spared but their lives and that of their animals were, IF they listened and obeyed.

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The evening meal is over and Moses is again under his favorite tree. He is spending some quiet time with the Lord. The days were hard again since the plague of boils had passed. Moses needs this time in the evening to give him strength to go on with the Lord’s work and his physical labors. It is amazing how much physical strength he receives in his quiet time with the Lord. He wouldn’t trade it for anything! Read more »