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Exodus 34:1-9 New Tablets

Tablets ready for God’s hand again.

Moses is going to get that encounter he asked for the last time we were together. But the people are going to get something too; God’s written commands.

We are not told how long it was between Moses coming down from the mountain and finding the children of Israel celebrating another god and when he came to God and pleaded for another chance. “If You don’t go with us, don’t send us. We are nothing without You!” We know that God answered Moses’ cry though so it was just a matter of time before He put things back in motion.

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Moses wakes early this morning, like every other day, but he has an expectancy in his spirit that had been missing for a while. Three days ago he had petitioned the Lord regarding His presence going with Israel on their journey. God had agreed to go with them but He had Read more »

Exodus 32:1-35 Out of the Fire

Israel’s god met the REAL God and only ONE was left after that.

God is concluding His time and instructions with Moses. Meanwhile, down in the camp BIG trouble is brewing and Aaron is in the thick of it.

God and Moses have spent a wonderful time together on the top of Mt. Sinai. Joshua has been in attendance throughout as Moses’ scribe and helper. But it is time to rejoin the camp and bring back God’s words to His people.

This is not the place our story starts though. It starts in the camp way below the presence of God. I want to say it starts with boredom or fear but I really don’t know that for sure. Let’s look at the scene and try to figure out where things went off track.

We are not told how many days Moses and Joshua were up on the mountain but we do know what transpired just before they left. The people had gathered around the mountain, at God’s command, and He demonstrated His presence to each of them in an unmistakable way. He also asked for and received a commitment from the people that they would serve Him only. Moses brought many of the leaders partway up the mountain where they experienced God in an even more personal way. And then Moses was called the rest of the way up to meet personally with God. Read more »

Exodus 24:1-18 A Deal Struck

A place prepared for the people’s answer and the confirmation of it.

God has finished giving Moses Israel’s first marching orders. He sends him back down the mountain to gather the elders to seal the deal.

We aren’t told how long Moses was on the mountain for this instruction session. I don’t know if the people were waiting at the foot of the mountain or in camp but it was time for them to hear what God had to say. Let’s rejoin the story as Moses makes his way back down the mountain.

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Moses has been on the mountain receiving instructions from the Lord for some time. He has eagerly taken in every word spoken to him. These are the commands of His God; not just the God of his fathers. Moses’ whole heart longs to please Him and to do exactly as He says. Moses is also anxious for the people to hear the Lord’s words so they too can follow Him with right hearts. Their future depends on it! Read more »

Exodus 20:1-21 Ten Commandments

The people could see the presence of God and it shook their hearts.

Moses and Aaron are both on the mountain top where the Lord will give them His first list of instructions. These are the outline for the complete instructions He has for His people.

The people have just consented to be HIS “treasured possession.” They have put away their petty arguments for the time being and are standing at attention at the bottom of the mountain, awaiting His instructions.

I have no idea how long this whole process took. The back and forth for Moses, the fetching of Aaron, the Lord giving His commandments, the people asking for Moses to speak with God instead of them hearing from Him, and the rest of the instructions from the Lord. This could have been several hours, a day or even a week. Later on we’ll see where the people wait a week for those brought onto the mountain to return. When Moses goes for 40 days later on the people don’t wait at the base of the mountain but go back to camp. Read more »

Exodus 19:1-25 Instructions Begin

“If I can have your attention please. Let’s get this lesson started. Turn with me to page one in your books.”

Moses has had his time freed up by setting up a tiered structure for the people to go for help. Now it’s time for him to get one on one time with God to share further instructions with the people.

Have you ever noticed that God does things in steps and stages? Moses was so busy taking care of the people’s daily squabbles that he didn’t have time for anything else. From morning until evening every day he sat and handed down God’s decisions for the people’s issues. I’m betting a LOT of those issues were petty and (I’m just going to say it) stupid! “He took my tent site.” “She took manna from where I was gathering.” “He stole one of my sheep.” (That one might be a little bigger but who could tell one from the other with so many roaming about ?)

Things that the people could have easily handled if they would have worked together and tried using a little love. Probably the same kinds of issues we are dealing with today that need a LOT of work! Read more »