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Genesis 6:9-22 Blueprints

I wonder if the ark actually looked like a “box” or a “boat”. Only God would really know.

God has had enough. Man had made a mess of His creation. Only one man in his generation is following God. It’s time to wipe away the mess and start again.

Noah gets his instructions straight from God. “Noah walked with God” (verse 9b). From this verse it also looks like my question of “were Noah’s sons born when he began working on the ark” is answered. We are told that “Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth” (verse 10). So I’m going to assume that all three of these boys were born, but we don’t know how old they were. We know their approximate ages at the time they entered the ark but not when construction began. We also don’t know if they were married yet, but God’s promise would apply to their spouses too. Read more »

Genesis 3:1-24 Heartbroken

Everything changed that day. Darkness truly surrounded them!

Today we come to the hard truth of our existence. We ALL fall to temptation. We want what we aren’t supposed to have and it ends in heartbreak.

I will assure you right now that I too would have succumb to the temptation that Eve fell to that day in the garden. You would have too. Maybe not the first time it was offered but we are no different that Adam and Eve; we want MORE all the time. God gave us the ability to choose and KNEW that we would use it for the wrong purpose at some point in time.

So let’s look at this heartbreaking story. I remember when I was a child, my mom voicing wonder at the fact that Eve didn’t bat an eye when a serpent was speaking to her. If ANY animal spoke to us in our language today we would be floored! Thinking about that fact today leads me to believe that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve talked with ALL the inhabitants. The animals didn’t have the fear of man in them and they were all enjoying the wonder God had created together. Man had dominion over them though. Read more »

Genesis 2:4-25 Design Process

Just waiting for the Master Craftsman to mould and shape as He wills

We will look at the final set up of the amazing work God did. We will see the original garden He planted and its first care takers. What an awesome site that must have been.

I have read this account many times over in my life but always rushed to the “good part” where God made woman. I want to slow down today and look at the process He took to get there. This is creation itself again. He takes us on an abbreviated journey through day 3-6.

Here is a quick recap of what happened those four days. Day 3 He made dry land and plant life. Day 4 He made the sun, moon, stars and seasons; He “pushed the start button” on time. Day 5 He filled the seas and the sky with life. Day 6 He filled the land with animals and made man. Read more »

Day of Rejoicing

Read all about it! Shout if from the highest rooftops! JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN!

It’s Here!!! We have reached the most joyous day in history! Jesus Is Alive! No matter how the religious leaders try and disguise it, Jesus did EXACTLY as He said.

I was talking to my husband yesterday about the resurrection. The point he found most interesting is how the religious leaders handled the situation. They convinced Roman soldiers to claim that they had fallen asleep and that Jesus’ disciples had sneaked in while the guards were asleep and stolen His body. When telling my husband the story I he was amazed at the lie that was concocted in an attempt to hide the truth that Jesus had done what He had promised; risen from the dead on the third day. Read more »

Two Tellings: Second Telling

First one written with Wingdings3 font.
MUCH easier to read when someone provides the explanation!

We are in the middle of looking at Jesus telling His disciples about His death. We are comparing two different times. The first was His final “telling” while “on the road” to Jerusalem. Today we will look at His “telling” as He walked with two of them to Emmaus which can be found in Luke 24:13-35.

The road between Emmaus is about 7 miles; around 11.25 kilometers. As someone who enjoys walking I can tell you that a quick walk of this distance would take about two hours. A leisurely walk maybe would take several more hours. These two disciples didn’t seem to be in a hurry that day and their walk gave them time to ponder. Let’s join in the story as Cleopas.

I can’t sit still any more. Some of the women came in about an hour ago talking about seeing an angel at Jesus’ tomb and not finding Him. My mind is whirling with questions! What does all this mean? Have the Romans hidden His body? Are they laying a trap for us? I have to get out of here or I will go crazy! I’m already “crazy with grief.” How could all this have happened?

I decide to go see my sister. She and her husband live in Emmaus. I just need to get away for a while so I can think. Thaddeus seems to be of the same mind as I am so I ask him to accompany me. It is about the third hour of the day when we pack a small lunch and head out the door. I don’t think anyone even noticed us go. Everyone is either lost in thought or in small groups discussing the reports from this morning. Read more »