Hebrews 9:11-28 The Permanent

It didn’t end here. This is just the beginning of once for all

We come to the fulfilment of the permanent covenant with Jesus as the mediator and sacrifice. The covenant with no end and the perfect sacrifice.

When God gave all His promises to men He required a blood sacrifice to seal it. In the Garden of Eden it was the animal that gave up its life so Adam and Eve could be covered, spiritually and physically. With Noah it was the clean animals once the ark finally rested on dry ground. With Abraham it was the pairs of animals that Abraham walked between. And with the Mosaic law it was all the sacrificial animals that were brought before the Lord.

This final sacrifice was the same in the respect of requiring blood to be shed. But this blood was different. It was from God’s own Son and was given willingly. Jesus knew the cost before “signing on the dotted line.” He went into it with His eyes wide open. He prayed for another way but when there was none, He continued on in perfect submission to God’s plan.

Jesus’ sacrifice completed it all and was permanent. There is no need for another. No matter how many times I fail, His one sacrifice covers it all. He stands as my High Priest making intercession on my behalf with the Father. My sins aren’t ignored because of His sacrifice but as each one surfaces, He reminds me and God that that one was covered too. I simply have to bring my sin to Him and repent. He does/did the rest.

Jesus’ sacrifice goes where none of the previous sacrifices could. It goes to the heart of man. We come to Him out of a sincere heart’s desire to be right with Him. We don’t come out of legal requirements. We choose to come out of love. That love is returned 100 fold even before we give the first thought to it.

Thank You Jesus for completing what I had NO hope of doing. Your one sacrifice made ALL the difference in the world. I know You did it for more than just me but I’m SO grateful to be included in Your work! Forgive me for ever taking Your work for granted.

Thank You Father for Your plan of salvation. I have no hope without it. I know it cost You dearly to stand by and watch Jesus suffer. Thank You for Your amazing love that would go to such lengths for me. Let me never forget or take for granted ALL You have done.

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