Hebrews 10:1-18 No More Sacrifices

Sin is just as obvious when covered by ANYTHING but Jesus’ blood.

One sacrifice did what all the others couldn’t. The actual removal of sin, not just covering it up.

Have you ever tried to paint over an ink mark? I have and I found that it bleeds right back through no matter how many layers you put on it. You have to strip it off the wall and put a special primer over the spot to fix it. That’s how it is with sin. Layer upon layer of coverings, yet the original problem kept bleeding through.

From the first sin to the last one, the stain kept getting bigger. God gave us the best paint available at the time, even though He knew it wouldn’t really do the job right. He wanted a relationship with man and would settle for “good enough” for a while. It wasn’t perfect and it really didn’t make things right but it kept us close to Him while the real fix was in the process.

Each year more blood had to be applied to the growing stain on man’s heart. That blood cost the life of something innocent each time. God did NOT take joy in the shedding of innocent blood, but it was necessary to have any semblance of a relationship with man. The penalty for sin is death so something had to die to pay that price.

After hundreds of years of applying the blood to the same growing stain, I imagine it was very thick. But the sin kept coming through. Finally it was time for the true fix for sin; Jesus’ sacrifice. Jesus’ blood didn’t get applied to the earthly replicas but to Heaven’s originals. Jesus’ blood completely cleaned the stain of sin and then applied a permanent covering that sin couldn’t bleed back through. No reapplication necessary.

No, not all sin is forgiven in the whole world. There are people that refuse to let Jesus’ blood wash them. They are still wearing their own and they won’t give it up to Jesus. He can’t do anything for their sin until they accept the work He has already done on their behalf. He doesn’t have to die again, simply let them know that their sin was included in His package deal.

All the sacrifices made after Jesus’ death were useless. They were a slap in the face to God so He put a stop to them. Jesus’ work did what no other could do; it removed the stain of sin and restored a true relationship with God.

Thank You Father for pursuing a relationship with me. Thank You for making a way for us to be together. Thank You Lord Jesus for being that willing sacrifice. Forgive me for EVER putting extra conditions on our relationship. Thank You that You are ENOUGH. Keep me mindful of that sacrifice always.

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