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Deuteronomy 19:15-21 Two Witnesses

God’s standard to prevent malicious persecution.

Moses shares God’s standard for convicting a person of a crime. There must be at least two witnesses to the offense before someone can be convicted.

I like reading mysteries. I was thinking about the fact that in these stories there is more often than not no eye witnesses. In many crimes in real life there are no witnesses. It got me to thinking about how this would apply to today’s issues and how it could have dealt with the crimes without witnesses in the bible days. I’m going to skip over this for a few minutes and focus instead on the last part of our reading; malicious witnesses. Read more »

Deuteronomy 19:14 Property Lines

This looks a lot like what I would expect markers to look like in Moses’ time.

Moses briefly addresses property boundary rules. But this issue is very important to the lives of the people.

When Israel finally rests from conquering the inhabitants of the Promised Land, it will be divided between the tribes, clans, and families. At that time the boundaries will be “set in stone.” Not only are these newly established lines marked with stones but are expected to remain in place forever.

I was thinking about other marker stones that were laid down in Israel’s history. The first that comes to mind was the stones that separated Jacob from Laban. When Jacob and his family finally left Laban, Laban chased after him. When all the arguing and accusations were done they set up a marker that defined how far one could move toward the other. It didn’t matter which road they might take in their travels, they vowed to never pass this point from either party’s side. Read more »

Deuteronomy 19:1-13 Refuge Laws

I don’t know if this is an accurate representation of the cities placement as some seem to be closer than others but you get the idea.

Moses instructs the people about the placement of the cities of refuge. He also ensures they understand the qualifications for one seeking shelter there. Refuge is only given in cases of accidental death.

Israel is directed to “measure the distances and divide into three parts the area of the land that the Lord your God gives you as a possession” (verse 3). Each third would host one of the cities of refuge. These three cities and these measurements are for the land on this side of the Jordan. These cities are to be established right away. When God gives them the land on the other side of the Jordan three more cities are to be distributed within them.

I had to go check this out because it looked to me like God was saying that as they increased their territory by being faithful to Him that their need for the cities would also increase. We encountered God speaking about these cities of refuge in Numbers 35. He tells them, “Give three on this side of the Jordan and three in Canaan as cities of refuge” (Numbers 35: 14). Read more »

Deuteronomy 18:15-22 God’s Men

These men were true prophets of God and therefor their words were to be heeded!

Moses just finished telling the people not to consult Sooth Sayers or Mediums to know about what was to come. Instead they were to listen to the Prophets God would raise up for them. He would speak through them just as He did through Moses.

There is a spiritual war going on. Last time we were together we recognized the fact that there are two forces in this battle. God and Satan. We KNOW which is the stronger force but we also know that God has given Satan permission to “do his worst” for the time being. This WILL come to an end and there will be a final reckoning afterwards. Read more »

Deuteronomy 18:9-14 Do NOT Follow

What are we willing to lay our children on the altar for?

Moses tells the children of Israel the things that the nations they are displacing have done to anger God. Their practices are NOT to EVER be found in Israel.

The first “abominable practices” that Moses lists makes my skin crawl and breaks my heart. How could ANYONE believe that burning their child in the fire would bring them ANYTHING but condemnation! But there were people who sacrificed their children to their gods in the fire to gain “favor.” Read more »