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Revelation 15:1-8 Final Countdown

God’s final appeal and the completion of His wrath.

John watches as the final portion of God’s wrath is prepared. Seven more times will the inhabitants of earth see God’s anger revealed.

Let me refresh your memory again. I’m NO expert on end times prophecy! That being said, here we go. I trust the Holy Spirit will take us where we need to be.

We have witnessed God’s preparations for Jesus’ return. He has done and is doing everything He can to get man’s attention. He is giving them more chances than they deserve. So far we have come through the seven seals, the seven trumpets and the seven thunders. Now God has seven final “wake-up calls” left. Read more »

Revelation 14:14-20 Harvest Time

There is NO doubt it is coming. Which crop do you want to be in with?

All is ready. It is time for the harvest of the earth to begin. There are two harvests here. One for God and one for destruction.

When I first read this passage I didn’t realize there were two different harvests. I thought the first call to reap the earth cut things down and the second call to gather the grapes was the gathering of what had been cut. I don’t believe so now. Remember too though that I am not an expert here, but I did receive insight when checking in with my bible helps. I’m trusting the Holy Spirit to fill in even more blanks for me.

There are two distinct harvests. The first is “the Son of Man” gathering His full yield from the earth. “So He who sat on the cloud swung His sickle across the earth, and the earth was reaped” (verse 16). He doesn’t leave the grain in the field to be picked up later. He completes the task at hand. Read more »

Revelation 14:6-13 Three Angels

God’s lines don’t wash away or get redrawn to suit our “changing opinions”

John sees three different angels giving warnings to the earth. Their announcements are of joy or woe depending on which side you go.

The first angel has “an eternal gospel” to share with EVERYONE. This one is good news to everyone who loves God. “Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgement has come, and worship Him who made Heaven and Earth, the sea and the springs of water” (verse 7b).

To those who heed this message the “fear” we are to give to Him is a reverent fear. We are to recognize His power and majesty. This includes accepting our inability to save ourselves and recognizing our need for His salvation. Read more »

Revelation 14:1-5 A New Song

Whatever song He gives you, sing it with ALL your heart!

Jesus is standing on Mt Zion with the 144,000. In Heaven a new song is being sung that is reserved especially for this group.

I am going to remind you again that I am NOT an expert in end time prophecy or in bible knowledge. This being said, again, I will share what I take from this passage.

The end of everything is near, but it is not time yet. There are still a few more pieces that have to be completed before Jesus’ return. So I believe that Jesus is with the 144,000 in spirit. I don’t believe He has returned at this point yet. Read more »

Revelation 13:11-18 Beast’s Buddy

Whose name will you wear?

Today we meet the beast’s helper. The one who will direct the world to worship the beast. It will be “allowed” to perform miracles in order to fool the people.

Just like the first beast, this beast is not given a gender either. From its description, the second beast looks gentler than the first one. But what comes to my mind when John says “it spoke like a dragon” (verse 11b) is that what proceeds from its mouth will burn up the people. Its lies, when bought into, will certainly send people to Hell!

I wonder if Satan had this beast look like a lamb because he wanted to convince people it was gentle or that it was the “Lamb of God”? Missed it by a mile! This beast is NOT from God and NOT gentle. Read more »