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Philemon 1-3 Greetings Friend

Paul and Timothy united in this plea for a brother.

We come to Paul’s shortest letter; the one to plead for a brother’s life. I know it is short but my bible breaks it into sections, therefore, so will we. Paul begins this letter in his customary style with a personal greeting to establish his identity. He also greets, what appears to be, the full household involved in the matter he wants to discuss.

When first reading this greeting I felt Paul must have been very familiar with this family as he called out each by name. He doesn’t specify their relationship with one another for us though. Better scholars than me have assumed this is husband, wife, and probably son. I won’t disagree because it sounds very plausible. Read more »

Titus 3:12-15 Closing Instructions

The little things don’t mean a lot; they mean everything!

Paul has a few final instructions for Titus. These are personal requests but he throws one more corporate directive into his closing.

Titus was left in Crete to do a job. Paul knew he could do this job faithfully and fully. But there were other things still ahead for Titus. Paul was sending him replacements so he could join Paul once again. This speaks of the special bond between Paul and Titus. Titus was like another son to him and he relished having him with him in the field.

Although Titus was wanted by Paul’s side, there were still a few tasks that remained. The most urgent one appears to be sending two other ministers of the gospel back into the field. Titus, through the church was to make sure that they had everything they needed for their journey. I figure the main need was money. Read more »

Titus 3:1-11 A Profitable Life

The Author of a true gentle spirit is the Holy Spirit.

Paul gives Titus instructions for daily living of the believer. Not for working for salvation but because of the new life birthed by Jesus’ work on the cross; His grace.

Paul calls for a changed life for the believers. He makes certain to include that this change is NOT what saves but a result of the saving work of Jesus. I know, I just said that but it bears repeating. NOTHING we do can earn our salvation. It is only through the substitution act of Jesus on the cross.

So what does a believer’s life look like? Is it an instant all-encompassing change? Do I lose my salvation when I mess up? Notice I said “when” and not “if.” We WILL mess up, on MORE than one occasion. Read more »

Titus 2:1-15 Generational Examples

The older generation has a LOT to give

Paul calls for Titus to encourage generational examples of godliness. I’m wondering if this applies to chronological age or spiritual age. Titus is called to lead by example and authority in this respect.

We have MORE than established that we are saved by grace and faith instead of by works. But works have their place. Paul is calling for the “elders” to show a good example of faithful works and to teach the “younger” believers. Read more »

Titus 1:5-16 A Job To Do

Through the Spirit and personal knowledge, Titus was to choose God’s men.

Paul explains the reason behind leaving Titus in Crete. He had a job for him to do in the church. One that needed prolonged attention.

Titus was to “appoint elders in every town as I directed you” (verse 5). I’m going to assume that Paul gave him some of these directions before leaving him but he felt it important to write them in a letter too. Was this so Titus would have written instructions to offer up to anyone who questioned his choices? In our day of “sue happy” people I would think this prudent.

We went through Paul’s criteria for overseers in his first letter to Timothy. The requirements remained consistent. Titus was appointing the pastor, shepherd, preacher, overseer for several churches. These appointments would affect MANY people. I’m certain that the first thing Paul told Titus, before leaving him to this task, was to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit on EACH appointment. Read more »