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Genesis 25:19-28 Twins!

Each parent nurtured what they like best in their “favored” child.

Isaac and Rebekah start their family. They are blessed with twins. But that “blessing” comes with extreme sibling rivalry.

We met Rebekah just a short while ago in our time together. She came from the land of Abraham’s family. She was Abraham’s great niece. Now she was his daughter-in-law. She married Isaac three years after the death of his mother.

Rebekah was unable to have children, just like Isaac’s mother Sarah had been. We see Isaac do something that we are not told that Abraham ever did. Isaac prays for Rebekah’s barrenness. And God hears his prayer.

We aren’t told Abraham prayed for Sarah in this area but he was promised offspring by God in spite of what was going on with his wife’s body. He also accepted Sarah’s idea to “help” God out by giving Abraham her maidservant Hagar to have children for her. Did she ever ask Abraham to intercede on her behalf with God? Did he ever think to do this on his own for her? Or did they both simply accept life as it was? Abraham had a promise but we don’t see him asking God who that promise would come through. Read more »

Genesis 25:1-18 United and Divided

Family matters, no matter how far apart we are. (I want an updated one like this!)

We see the final years of Abraham and all his children. Isaac was the child of promise but he was not the only one Abraham had. Nations came from him.

The first thing we see in our reading today is that Abraham was lonely after Sarah’s death. He took another wife. Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death by Rebekah and Abraham was comforted by Keturah. I’m curious why later she is referred to as Abraham’s “concubine” instead of his wife and being that the word is plural, she wasn’t the only one to comfort Abraham. Read more »

Genesis 24:1-67 Paved the Way

One thread brought us this miracle that made a personal relationship possible.

The time has come for Isaac to take a wife. But Abraham has specific orders as to who that wife will be. She is not to be one of the Canaanites living in the land around them but one of his own relatives.

I LOVE this story! My favorite stories are ones where you “can see the finger of God writing it” as you go along. This is one such story. From beginning to end, You see God’s hand in all of it. Let’s see where His hand takes us with it today.

I was curious about the way Abraham told his servant to make this solemn oath to him. I the United States, where I live, we make promises on handshakes, signed pieces of paper, a hand lifted in the air, or sometimes even on the bible. I don’t know what other culture do for this practice. I went to my favorite answer site to learn the meaning of this practice. Once again Got Questions gave me some helpful insight. Here is a link to check out their answer on this issue. Read more »

Genesis 23:1-20 A Place for Sarah

A quiet place for Sarah to rest and the start of the family plot.

Sarah has lived to see her son grow to be a man of 37 years old. But her time on earth has ended. Abraham wants a personal place to bury her.

Abraham and company have been “sojourning” in the land of Canaan for 62 years. This is my calculation from the time he left Haran and began his journey to wherever God would lead him. His time in Egypt during the famine is included in my calculation because we are not told how long he was there.

They have lived in tents and owned nothing but what could be transported with them from place to place. Abraham did have rights to draw water from wells he dug while living in the land but the land itself did not belong to him. This lack of a fixed physical address was not a hindrance to Abraham’s status among the people or to his prosperity. Read more »

Genesis 22:1-24 Obedience

Thank You Father for Your restoration!

This is one of the most pivotal stories in Abraham’s life. This is his greatest test of faith and obedience to God. It’s also one that I believe lived with Isaac for the rest of his life.

I have thought of Isaac’s experience many times when reading this passage, but today I thought a little more about Abraham’s. We are told that Abraham and company traveled three days before he saw the place where God wanted him to go. What was going through his mind during those three days? “God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering” (verse 8a). Hebrews tells us that Abraham believed God was able to raise Isaac from the dead if necessary. But what was his mind saying every step of the journey? Read more »