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Exodus 8:1-15 Hop To It

Not even Pharaoh’s house was safe. Frogs were EVERYWHERE!

God sends the second plague on the land of Egypt because of Pharaoh. This time it is frogs. I know I would have been screaming during this!!!

Egypt has just had a week of blood in the place of their rivers. Even their water jars liquid was turned to blood. Now God tells Moses to go back to Pharaoh with a new ultimatum. Turn my people lose or have your life overrun by frogs.

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Moses is sitting under his favorite tree in the evening. He is thanking the Lord for fresh water again. He didn’t enjoy the Lord’s judgement any better than the Egyptians or any other Hebrew, but he understood the purpose behind it. He knew the Lord was trying to get Pharaoh’s attention. Read more »

Exodus 7:14-25 Bloody Water

The first of the ten plagues God has for Egypt. All suffered under this one.

Moses and Aaron left Pharaoh after showing him the sign God had commanded and after Aaron’s rod had dinner. Now Moses and Aaron interrupt Pharaoh’s bath time.

Pharaoh is NOT listening to God’s command to let the people go. Now it’s time to get serious. God started with a simple sign that Pharaoh was able to replicate through his magicians but even there God trumped it. Now the first plague is going to be released. This plague will affect the whole land of Egypt.

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That evening as Moses sits under his favorite tree he hears the Lord speaking to him. “Go to Pharaoh in the morning where he is bathing. Make sure and take you staff with you; the one that turned into a serpent. When he comes up out of the water you will be there to meet him and give him another message from Me. ‘And you shall say to him, “The Lord, Read more »

Exodus 7:1-13 Visit Two

God showed His power OVER Pharaoh’s power.

We go with Moses and Aaron as they stand before Pharaoh the second time to tell him to let God’s people go. Let the signs begin!

God gave Pharaoh one easy chance to let His people go. But even that “chance” was not really a chance but part of setting up the whole process. God knew Pharaoh’s heart. He also knew that He wanted to do a GREAT work for ALL to see and remember. So God used Pharaoh’s own arrogance to His advantage. He “hardened Pharaoh’s heart.”

Does this mean that God MADE Pharaoh and the Egyptian people suffer just so He could look good? NO! It means that God used a hard headed ruler to display His wonders to His hard headed people, and their neighbors. God KNEW it was going to take some doing to convince Pharaoh to see things His way. He just made sure his heart didn’t get in the way of his stubborn head. Pharaoh’s heart was really what would make him drive Israel out, but that is a story for another time. Read more »

Exodus 6:1-13 What I WILL Do

The leaders don’t want to hear anything Moses has to say. They are out of hope.

I want to start with an apology to all of you who are with me daily and have suffered through the rebuild of my site. Things are back to normal now and up to date. There were several new posts included with my last major upload. Now we are all starting fresh from today. PRAYING God gives us mercy and guidance as we continue on in His word.

Moses had just cried out to God, “Why did You send ME!” He was distraught because the people were angry with him and Aaron. Their plea to Pharaoh had backfired as far as they were concerned. Things had gone from bad to worse. Now we get to hear what God has to say about this latest development.

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In answer to Moses’ cry, God said “Good! NOW you will see what I will do!”

Moses’ mouth hangs open. He wanted to scream, “What do You mean ‘good’? This is ANYTHING BUT GOOD!” The people were raging against him. The requirements of the Egyptians were impossible to meet so the people were continually punished. And no one believed God was really on their side. Read more »

Exodus 5:1-23 Step One

This is the first of many visits with Pharaoh.

Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh for the first time with God’s command. He DOES NOT respond favorably to their visit, just as God had said he wouldn’t. The heat gets turned up on the children of Israel.

When we left Moses and Aaron yesterday they had met up at Mt. Horeb. I should have followed them back to Egypt where they met with the elders. That was actually part of yesterday’s reading but I’m going to include that in today’s story instead. Let’s catch up to them as they make their way towards their first step in the chain of release for God’s people.

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Evening was falling by the time Aaron and Moses came back to join Zipporah and the boys. Traveling at night was not safe so the group decided to wait until morning to continue their journey. It was hard for Aaron to sleep that night as he contemplated all that God had in store for him. It was less than a week ago that he was making bricks alongside the rest of his people. Now he was expected to stand before them and deliver Moses’ message from God. He was honored beyond words to be involved but was wondering why Moses didn’t take this task on himself. He would have to ask him tomorrow as there would be plenty of time to talk on the road. Read more »