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Luke 16:18 Divorce & Remarriage

Only God can restore the broken

Only God can restore the broken

The section we are looking at today is very short and not so sweet. Luke shares with us a very condensed account of Jesus’ teaching on divorce and remarriage. It is abbreviated but shares exactly the same message as the other gospels. Don’t get divorced, and if you do don’t get remarried.

I was wondering why Luke put this topic here, since his writings seem to be topical instead of chronological. When thinking through the possible reasons, I noted that Luke had just shared Jesus’ words about the Law being completely fulfilled. Maybe it is here because divorce and remarriage is an important part of the Law. Jesus was sharing what God’s original intent was for marriage and what the Law calls for. Read more »

Matthew 5:31-32 Jesus Deals With Divorce


God intended it for LIFE

The divorce rate in America is so high, it reminds me of Annie, the maid on “It’s a Wonderful Live”, who had been saving up money for years for “a devorce if’n I ever get a husband.” So many people go into marriage with the attitude of it being disposable. Ready to divorce their spouse as the least  provocation. As if expecting the marriage to fail.

I HATE divorce and I HATE that I am one of those divorce statistics! Now that we have established, once again, that I fail to meet His standards, let’s see what Jesus had to say on this subject in His teachings on the mountain that day.

Jesus’ first comment is to reference the Law given through Moses and how it deals with divorce. In the Law the man was allowed to divorce the wife if “she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some indecency in her” (Deut. 24:1). He is to give her a letter of divorcement and send her on her way. She can marry again but never remarry to the husband who gave her the divorce in the first place. Read more »