Revelation 8:6-9:21 The Trumpets Sound

These trumpets notes leave LASTING notes in man’s history!

We now have the seven trumpets to hear from. These are a result of the seventh seal being opened.

The “stacking” or “unstacking” of another facet of judgement birthed by the opening of the seventh seal reminds me of the Russian stacking dolls. Open one and another is hidden inside. But these judgements don’t get smaller and smaller but bigger and Bigger and BIGGER. It’s time to hear what the trumpets sound like. Again, let me remind you I AM NO EXPERT ON THIS! I’m simply reading along and looking at what the Holy Spirit points out to me THIS TIME around.

The first trumpet brings “hail and fire, mixed with blood” (verse 7b). I’ve been in some big hailstorms and dealt with the smoke of huge fires, but I’ve never heard of hail and fire mixed together. Hail is made of ice and fire would melt it. So can we say it’s a “God thing” from the beginning? I’m wondering if the blood is symbolic of the death that occurs due to this incredible storm. I’m also thinking that the hail may be included to keep ALL the earth from being burned up. This storm affected 1/3 of the earth’s trees and grasses. The remaining 2/3 might be being spared by God’s inclusion of water with His firestorm.

The second trumpet affects the sea. I wonder if the “great mountain burning with fire” will be a volcano that erupts right in the middle of one of our oceans. I don’t know if it even needs to breach the water in order to cause the damage described here. It would have to be massive though and John’s description of “a great mountain” seems to corroborate that idea. This disaster is so large that 1/3 of the earth’s oceans become contaminated. Oil spills are nothing compared to what is still to come. I can imagine shipping commerce across the sea coming to an abrupt halt as well as any seaside activities.

The third trumpet brings with it “a great star” that falls from Heaven, “blazing like a torch” and it affects 1/3 of the earth’s rivers and springs. It could be that it breaks apart on entry and lands in several areas or that the disease that it is carrying is infectious. One river or stream feeds another and so on and so forth. Those rivers downstream from the original contamination would be affected.

This is the first time where man’s death is mentioned as a direct result of the trumpet’s note. The other notes would certainly have an impact but they would be more commercial than physical. This one will impact both the pocket and the person.

The fourth trumpet brings trouble to the heavens. The sun, moon and stars all suffer this time. I don’t know if the sun decreases in size by 1/3 or if part of it stops burning or even fractures off but it will make a BIG impact on life here on earth. We are dependent on the sun’s light for our growing seasons, light and even heat. Winter will come hard and heavy without the sun’s light and it won’t matter which side of the earth you are on then. Everyone will feel the impact.

I wonder if the moon will be struck by an asteroid and a piece broken off. I have a feeling that no matter what the 1/3 reduction looks like, it will affect the gravitational field of earth impacting bird migration and tides at a very minimum. I’m not sure what impact losing 1/3 of the stars would do to the earth’s ecosystem but I expect it would impact us significantly. I know some amateur astronomers who be stunned to see such a change in the night sky. I wonder if this applies to the planets in our solar system or to the stars we see twinkling at night. A meteor passing through our solar system could have that kind of affect and such an event would certainly impact earth’s orbit.

We pause to catch our breath here. This has been bad, REALLY BAD, but it’s about to get WORSE. Even the angels cry out in understanding of how bad thing are about to become. So far we have had atmospheric conditions that lead to “natural disasters.” Now man, led by Satan, steps up to the plate as the centerpiece of the “woe’s” to come.

The fifth angel’s trumpet set loose “a star fallen from Heaven to earth and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit” (verse 9:1b). AND HE OPENED IT! There was a reason it was shut to begin with. Now all that lived there is free to roam the earth. What comes out is like nothing anyone has seen before. I’ve run across scorpions but I’ve NEVER seen one with the face of a man on it, nor have I ever seen one with battle armor on. Their regular armor is enough to make them difficult to kill but this creature beats even that armament.

This is the first time that God’s people have been exclusively protected against the judgements poured out on the earth. “They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads” (verse 9:4). It also “protects” those being tormented from death. They may LONG for death but they won’t get it. Death would be seen as a relief during this plague and they will be denied that release. If they searched the word at that point they would see the short term prescribed for these creatures to attack them. Knowing there was a definite end might bring at least some comfort to those in agony.

The sixth trumpet sounds and death is finally available. I wonder if there was a short time of rest between the two judgements. I wonder if those who had been longing for death had time to enjoy their lives again before it was taken from them. They certainly didn’t repent of their ways. How stubborn can man be?!? Better yet, how stupid can man be?

The woe of the sixth trumpet brings fire, smoke and sulfur directly to man. The fire sent earlier was confined to the earth’s surface. I don’t doubt that many animals died in the fires, including the 1/3 of the sea life that dies during the second trumpet sounding. But this time man is the intended target. Man who refused to repent of “the works of their hands nor give up worshiping demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which cannot see or hear or walk, nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immoralities or their thefts” (verse 20-21). These verses actually describe those left after the six judgements but we can be certain that those who perished in this “woe” fit that same description. They were “Hell bent” on doing it their way and NOTHING God did could get their attention. They would learn that that made them “Hell bound” too.

Father God, I PRAY that my belief about being raptured before all this happens is correct. I also pray that my family chooses to follow You so they don’t have a chance to face the trumpet’s calls. More than ANYTHING I pray they are not part of the group described at the end of the sixth trumpet’s call. I don’t want anyone I love to have to face these events here on earth.

You don’t want anyone You love to face these events either, but there will be many who insist on doing so, simply by refusing Your love. You love each one of us and have been holding out Your hand to us since the beginning of time. Thank You for grabbing mine. I NEVER want to let go! Help me hold out my hand to anyone who wants to take it so I can bring them to You. YOU have the answers to all our issues. Help me shine Your compassion through so others can see what You have to offer.

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