Numbers 7:1-89 Inauguration Offerings

The first offerings to the Tabernacle were practical. The carts and oxen made transport possible.

Moses lists out for us the first offerings of each tribe brought to the Tabernacle. NO WAY could it all be done in one day so it spanned many days.

In a family with so many sons one thing I would expect is one group trying to outdo the other. That didn’t happen here. Each tribe brought exactly the same gifts. I have a feeling they did this because they were told what to bring.

The first offerings were for the service and transport of the Tabernacle. The Levites were given wagon and oxen to pull them. The two branches who had the physical structure of the tent and courtyard were given the carts to carry the pieces in. The branch who transported the Tabernacle furnishings were given none as these pieces were carried on their shoulders. This answers my questions from earlier on this issue.

Each tribe’s offerings were also given as a complete set for the sacrifices that would be offered in the Tabernacle. EVERY offering was covered. The grain offering was brought on the silver plate and silver basin; fine flour mixed with oil. The burnt offering was the gold dish filled with incense, one bull, one ram, and one male lamb that was a year old. The sin offering consisted of one male goat. The peace offering consisted of two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs one year old.

The peace offering was the largest of all the gifts. I wonder why that was. This offering is pointing to more than just the individual worshiper’s relationship with God. It is their relationship in the community too. I’m thinking this peace offering was so large because it was a community offering. It was to bring peace between those who partook of it. And since the groups were large they needed a large amount of meat for the group. I’m hoping it was offered across the tribal divides to speak of peace within the WHOLE family. I know how hard that can be with big families! It is NOT always “the more the merrier.”

I am curious as to how they established the order for the tribes presentations. The first tribe to offer individual offerings was the tribe of Judah. Is this because God had chosen this tribe to send His Son through? The second day Issachar’s tribe presented their gifts. Third is Zebulun. Fourth is Reuben. Fifth is Simeon. Sixth is Gad. Seventh is Ephraim. Eighth is Manasseh. Ninth is Benjamin. Tenth is Dan. Eleventh is Asher. And twelfth is Naphtali.

So looking back at my camp diagram I noticed that the order is in order of their placement in the camp. The groups are listed in exact order that God established them around the camp. The leader of each side is first, then the middle group and finally the outer group closes it out and moves onto the next side. But you probably already noticed that didn’t you. I’m a bit slower on the uptake today.

This leaves me with my original question of how did God decide who to put where and with whom. His decisions resulted in the cross like representation of the camp but why each where He placed them? I think I will leave that one for bench time.

Father God I am amazed at how You maintained peace in the camp! This was a group of around 3,000,000 people. I know there were disagreements or Moses wouldn’t have been busy morning to night settling them but these groups didn’t war against one another or try to outdo each other, at least not on this issue. I also like the idea of them sharing the peace offering between their brothers. I bet You made it go far enough to serve all those it was intended for, just like Jesus in His “spectacular dinner parties.”

I would love to see that kind of unity between nations now. Stop trying to outdo one another. How about we start small and work within the body of believers. We NEED Your peace! I just noticed how the peace offering was listed last. Is this because we HAVE to get our relationship right with You before peace between man is even possible? I’m pretty sure You would answer that question with a resounding “Yes.”

I know man is not going to get things together and follow You as a whole. At this point in time I know it is only going to get worse too. This HAS to happen before Jesus returns. For that reason only I pray let it fall where it may but save as many on the way as You can Father. I do NOT look forward to the mounting chaos but we can’t get to the end without going through it. I’m SO glad You have it all in YOUR control!

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