Numbers 10:1-10 Trumpets

God designed a way for the people to quickly know they were being summoned. Word of mouth was not fast enough or always reliable. He chose trumpets as His summoning tool.

When reading this I was reminded of the Sound of Music and the whistle scene. I had to include it for you to enjoy too. Life at the command of a whistle. Now the people of God were going to learn life at the command of a trumpet.

God didn’t intend for His trumpets to replace interactions but as a way of getting everyone’s attention. I wonder how many times they engaged in “trumpet drills” so everyone knew what to do and what to expect. The priests and the people had to learn the signals in order to respond correctly.

Both trumpets blown together, long blast, means everyone gather at the entrance to the tent of meeting. A single trumpet blown signals the elders to gather together. One quick blast means that the first group of the camp to set out. Each single short blast after that signaled for the next group to set out. I have a quick question. Is the alarm sound that signals the groups to set out done with one trumpet or two?

When we were together last time we looked at the cloud over the Tabernacle and how it signaled the people to either move or stay put. I wondered if there were signs that they would see or hear to get them ready to move out. I have a feeling God just answered that question for me. I expect God would tell Moses in advance, then Moses tells Aaron, then Aaron blows either for the whole congregation to assemble or the leaders, then the people were told to get ready for departure. Long story short, God gave warning. They had to be ready to move out before the “alarm” sounded for each camp to begin moving out.

God didn’t limit the trumpets to “troop movements” though. They were used in battle but they were an inspiration not a directional command. They reminded the people that God was on their side. He designed them, commissioned their construction, and created the codes they were to carry. They were “a reminder” to God to watch over His people too.

They were also used in everyday life. They were part of the celebrations and feasts. The Feast of Trumpets is a PRIME example of their inclusion. They were used to mark the changing of the months. They were used during the burnt offering and over the peace offerings. They were woven into the lives of the people and were a reminder for the people and God of the covenant between them.

I wonder if they were a single note instrument or one that could make many different sounds. Could you play a song on them? Were they used in worship? Were there variations of them that became part of the music of the camp? We know that there was music, and musical instruments, in the camp. Miriam danced and sang praises with her tambourine after the crossing of the Red Sea. That is another question that will probably be answered later.

Father God, I love how You incorporated music into the lives of Your people. I was just thinking about how a song reminds me of different things. The trumpets acted the same way with You. Not that You forgot anything but they brought special memories to the forefront. Thank You for giving the people music again, even in the wilderness.

You have brought music back into my life when I found it lacking. With it always comes remembrance of our times together. I’m empty when the music is lacking. Thank You for pouring it back in. I love it when it also brightens my husband’s mood. He wishes he knew all the words or even the order of songs I sing but I don’t even know the “order” they will come pouring out. It all depends on where You and I are together that day. Will it be a praise day? Will it be a prayer day? Will it be a fun day? I never know for sure but what I do know is that the music You bring me will make my day exactly what it needs to be and draw me closer to You. Thank You for the music!

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