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Genesis 28:1-5 Looking for a Bride.

Jacob runs for his life to the next phase of his life in God’s plan. In HIS time!

Jacob has just acquired his father’s best blessing, through deceit, and now he is to follow one last task from his father. This was his mother’s doing too but was commissioned by Isaac.

Abraham started this “tradition” of marrying within the family when he sent his servant to find Isaac a wife. Later on we are told “why” this is so. I believe it is because of the family’s relationship with God. Tera introduced his sons to the true God. His relationship set the stage for his sons. Abraham saw the people in the land and the gods they followed. He wanted no part of that for his son Isaac. Therefore the trip back to his family to find a wife. Read more »

Genesis 27:1-46 Sneak Thief

Sometimes it looks like you can’t wait any longer or you might lose out but God is ALWAYS on time. That’s where faith is born.

With the help of his mother, Joseph steals his brother’s blessing. Rebekah “helped” God and it turned out dangerous too.

Rebekah remembered God’s words to her when she was carrying Esau and Joseph. The younger would rule over the older. This was God’s promise and He never goes back on His word. So she felt she had to think fast to keep Esau from getting what the Lord promised to Jacob.

You and I both know that God could have orchestrated this differently if He chose to. But Rebekah didn’t give Him an opportunity to act. She took matters into her own hands. Jacob points out the first problem he identifies. “I don’t feel like Esau. He is hairy and I’m smooth.” Did you notice that he didn’t even once attempt to tell his mother that this was wrong? He questioned how he would pull it off but not the morality of the whole act. I wonder if she coached him on how to get the birthright too or if they were both “crafty.” Read more »

Genesis 26:6-35 New Dog, Old Tricks

Some tricks are better left forgotten. But others should stand the test of time!

Because of the famine in the land Isaac moved his camp to Gerar, as his father had once done. Out of fear he pulled another of Abraham’s tricks out for use; he called his wife his sister.

Isaac must have heard the stories of his father’s CYA (cover your assets) move. Abraham used this trick twice, that we are told of, in his wanderings. But apparently the stories didn’t contain the warnings or consequences that they should have, in my opinion. Maybe the stories glossed over the strained relationships but focused on the wealth obtained in the end.

In Abraham’s telling of this “white lie” there was a kernel of truth. He and Sarah shared a father. But in Isaac’s telling it was FAR from the truth. They were cousins for certain but NOT brother and sister by any stretch of the imagination. So why didn’t Isaac call her his cousin? Is it because the close bond between brother and sister, with one being protector over the other? This same closeness doesn’t necessarily apply to cousins. Some are VERY close but that is not the general rule. Read more »

Genesis 26:1-5 Isaac Listens

Pray my God and the God of my father becomes my child’s God too. That’s the best legacy a child could ask for!

Isaac is faced with difficulty; a famine in the land. This isn’t an unheard of thing, even in the land of plenty. The last famine we saw Abram going to Egypt to wait it out. But God tells Isaac NOT to follow his example.

It’s strange. I have read my bible all the way through at least once but I didn’t remember this story or even the next one. I wonder why I didn’t take note of these stories. Whatever the reason, we will take notice of this one today.

I have often thought about Isaac and the story of his near sacrifice and wondered what long lasting impact it had on him. I wondered if he was angry with his father for not choosing his life above God. I considered event made him closer to God or more distant. Our story today leads me to believe that his relationship with God, even following his time on the altar, was strong. Read more »

Genesis 25:29-34 Cunning v Carelessness

Both got what they wanted, at the time.

Jacob and Esau have been at odds since conception. Their hearts and minds are on different wavelengths. Jacob uses his skills in today’s encounter to get what he wants from Esau.

Rebekah may not have told Isaac the full impact of the prophecy she received while carrying her twins but Jacob’s behavior leads on to believe she confided in him. We KNOW that God is able to turn the minds and hearts of men but He works easiest with those who are already heading in the direction He has planned. It only takes a little nudge instead of pulling on a “stubborn mule.”

We don’t know for certain that Jacob was “programmed” from his youth by Rebekah to desire the place of firstborn, but we see him acting on an unexpected opportunity. How many times had Esau come in from the field hungry and asked Jacob for some food? Was this a frequent event or a one-time situation? Esau wasn’t really at the point of starvation, though he was very hungry. Read more »