Numbers 28:1-8 Offering Reminder 1

The daily offering was to be brought at the morning and twilight.

The time has come for Israel to prepare to move into the Promised Land. God has Moses remind them of many things. Today it is the daily offering.

After reading the last days reading I skimmed through the rest of Numbers trying to find when Moses went up onto the mountain to die. I didn’t find it in Numbers. It is in the end of Deuteronomy. What I did find didn’t fill me with excitement. I found God going through many pieces of the Law that were previously covered.

I will admit right now that I wished I could fast forward and skip the repeat lessons. Before getting started reading it again today I prayed for the Holy Spirit to show me something different or why this was included again. I believe He has answered my prayer.

The whole time the children of Israel were sent back into the wilderness they were waiting. Waiting for the first generation to die. They were going through the motions. They were grumbling while being moved from place to place. And they were also, at least in format, following the Law God laid out for them.

Their children were watching as they grew up. They saw how God dealt with disobedience. They knew when He was angry with them for their behavior. They understood that their parents were not going to be part of the promise. And they made it their mission in life to keep themselves from falling into the same sins that their parents had. They wanted God’s promises in their lives. They would do whatever it took to ensure that it happened in THEIR lifetime.

When Moses called all the people together to go over the Law with them they didn’t respond the same way I did. “Again? We already heard this.” Instead they had a different mindset. “Hold on a minute while I get something to write this down with so I won’t forget ANY of it!”

They wanted the refresher course. They needed to make sure they got everything in order just as God commanded.

The first offering God covers in the daily offerings. I noticed something in the wording of His instructions. He didn’t say to bring “the” daily food offerings. He said to bring “MY” daily offerings. He made certain to direct the hearts of the ones presenting the offerings to Him. The offerings belonged to HIM and not any other god or for any other reason than to honor Him.

Twice a day, every day a specific offering was to be presented. The timing was at daybreak and twilight. Each offering was to consist of a lamb one year old without any blemish; a tenth of an ephah of fine flour mixed with a quarter of a hin of beaten oil for a grain offering; and a drink offering of a quarter of a hin of strong drink. All of these were part of the food offering belonging to the Lord.

These offerings set the tone of the new day, which began at twilight, and the working day that began with each morning. Each new beginning belonged and still belongs to Him.

We don’t have the offering system since Jesus completed the Law but we still need to set the tone for our “beginnings.” I know a lot of people who have their bible study time first thing in the morning. I used to be able to do that but my husband’s sleep wake schedule changed. Now I have my time with God just before bed. This helps me set the tone for my sleep. In the morning though I wake up with a song in my heart. Sometimes it’s a silly song triggered by something that happens in our routine but more often it is a praise song. This sets the tone for our morning. I hadn’t even thought about these two “tone setting times” until now. Another of the Spirit’s answers to my prayer a little bit ago. With this answered prayer He is also setting the tone for me for what we have left to cover in Numbers. No more dreading “trudging” through the final chapters. I’m actually excited now to see what He will bring out from the familiar words that are being breathed for a new season and a new people.

Father God, thank You for setting the tone for me each day. I know sometimes I rush from one thing to the next and my mind gets wound back up in the cares of the day. I used to feel guilty for waiting until night time to spend time in Your word. Thank You for showing me that it is exactly what You planned for ME. Thank You for the music in the mornings too.

Holy Spirit, thank You for opening my eyes to the reasons behind the refresher course. I haven’t had the 38 or so years between the first reading and this one. It is fresher in my mind. Thank You for taking me into the story again. For letting me see it through the eyes of those listening at Moses’ feet. I guess today could be termed “If I walked where Moses walked.” I did include in my prayer that I missed the stories. You answered that desire too. I LOVE when You show up that way! Keep me searching and listening. Thank You for not letting my grumbling get in our way.

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