Titus 1:1-4 Salutations Titus

One of Paul, and God’s, trusty helpers.

Paul has instructions for Titus, whom he left in Crete. It wasn’t for lack of work or a desire to see his company end, but because the church in Crete needed HELP. They were being plagued with some issues that were common in the other regions but they didn’t have someone available to correct it.

As is his custom, Paul starts us off with his lengthy salutation. I think it is again to establish the authenticity of this letter. There were those pretending to be Paul or writing in his name. Paul’s greetings were specific and detailed.

He also detailed some of the issues he would write about in the letter. Of great importance in this letter is the believer’s godliness. This letter specifically calls for the believer, and especially those in authority, to bear fruit from their “knowledge of the truth.”

Paul also spells out the reward for the believer in his opening salutation. “In hope of eternal life, with God” (verse 2). All that Paul did, and all that he is asking others to do, is in response to God’s promise. He made these promises in the beginning and He will not stop until He has fulfilled every one of them. He had recently completed one of His biggest promises, sending salvation to the nations, and He could be counted on to complete ALL remaining ones on His list.

So, for Titus, Paul speaks a prayer over him for the instructions he is about to pass on. Titus will probably need all the grace and peace God has to offer when addressing Paul’s instructions. He has a lot of people to set in place and get back on track.

Thank You Father for placing shepherds over me who share(d) Your truth. Thank You that Your Holy Spirit opens my heart to Your truths too. Thank You also that our relationship leads me closer each day to godliness, which You call me to. I am NOT perfect and don’t expect to be, this side of Heaven. But I do expect to receive more of You every day and for my life to be transformed by Your word. THAT is one of Your promises. And I KNOW that Your promises ALWAYS come to pass! Help me to only hear Your truth as we proceed on in Your word.

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