2 Timothy 4:19-22 Closing Thoughts

Best part about this farewell was that it was NOT forever! They would meet again.

Paul concludes his letter like he always does,  thoughts of others. This is his last letter but he still remembers those he has served alongside.

This closing doesn’t sound as urgent as our last reading did. I guess that would also depend on when this letter was posted. If Timothy received it in Spring or Summer he had a long time before Winter arrived. But if he got it in the Fall, making it before Winter would be pushing it. Travel in Winter, for this type of journey would be impossible. And we don’t know how much time Paul had left.

Paul’s list of greeting sent to Timothy from the brothers in Rome are proof that he was not totally isolated from others. Luke was with him continually but he had visitors too. Does that mean that Luke was in prison too, that he came daily to visit Paul, or that Paul was not in a regular prison cell?

I can’t imagine Nero letting known Christians gather together, considering that he was at that time actively persecuting them. This proved God’s faithfulness and protection over His people. Luke still had writings to do in our historic timeline.

Of ALL the greetings and salutations, the one that mattered the most was saved for the end. “The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you” (verse 22). This was Paul’s final written prayer for Timothy. Timothy needed God’s Spirit for protection, guidance, and support. Especially now that Paul was leaving his life. Timothy had God’s Spirit in him doing this work all along but now his earthly support was going to be missing a STRONG piece. Paul would no longer be available for support.

Thank You Father for being with me in ALL circumstances. Thank You for being my support system, no matter what is going on around me. You are FAITHFUL in ALL circumstances. Help me be as bold as Paul was when my life is coming to an end. I pray that is not for a LONG time and not as clearly visible as Paul’s end was.

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