Numbers 28:9-10 Offering Reminder 2

I couldn’t find a picture with two lambs so you will have to cross your eyes.

God is having Moses remind or reaffirm portions of His Law. Today’s reading covers the special offerings to be done each Sabbath.

Moses is speaking for God to the new generation. The children who are now ready to inherit God’s promise. They need to know God’s Laws for themselves. They HAVE to avoid the sins that their fathers fell into. They must put their whole trust in God.

The offering for the Sabbath is a double portion of the daily offering. God doesn’t specify here at what hour this offering is to be presented. I have no doubt that this information was contained somewhere for the priests. But this offering was in addition to the daily offerings being made.

The daily offerings, when combined, contained the same amount as the Sabbath offering. So on the Sabbath there is one lamb with its grain and drink offerings made in the morning, two lambs with their grain and drink offerings made at the appointed Sabbath offering time, and one lamb with its grain and drink offerings made at twilight.

I mentioned the last time that I thought the timing of the daily offerings was interesting and important. They set the stage for the new day and the work day. The Sabbath offering comes at an ending. It happens on the last day of the week.

I believe this offering is a closing offering. It gives the people a chance to look back and reflect on their week. To examine what has passed before them and to reorient for the future. To refocus on what is important.

God also called for rest on the Sabbath. This was a day to cease all work and focus on Him. To refresh the body, mind and spirit for the tasks that lay ahead. Without God’s strength and direction what waited for Israel was impossible. This was the day to contemplate God’s faithfulness.

I was thinking about all the animals that went into Israel’s worship of God. I thought about calculating the number of animals used each year. Then I thought about the amazing grace that God poured out onto the herds of the people. I know sheep multiply easily but there were A LOT of animals used for sacrificial purposes. But He had to bless the herds to be sure there was plenty for His use and the people’s. I have a feeling I’m going to look into that number before this section is finished.

The meat from the sacrifices each day was not wasted but was used to feed the Levites. I guess you could say that the Levites had roasted lamb 365 days a year. God wasted nothing. I wonder how the rotation of flocks happened. One single flock could not sustain the whole nation’s sacrifices. At least not without God’s miracles in multiplication.

Father God, thank You for the reminders. The reminder to rest and to refocus on what matters. Thank You that I don’t have to bring animal sacrifices every day to be acceptable in Your sight. Let me not forget the real purpose of setting aside this day to You though. Show me how to rest in You.

Thank You too that I have my Sunday’s back since Kaden has graduated. Help him with his memory for his upcoming certification testing. Protect my children who are required to be out and about too please Father. Guard them against this disease that is running through our world. Thank You that You love them MUCH more than I ever could. Watch over all my family and friends dear Lord. I leave them in Your capable hands.

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