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2 Peter 3:1-13 Are We There Yet?

NO! God’s watch isn’t broken. It just runs on a different schedule than ours.

Peter is reminding his readers of the promises of God. AND reminding them that God holds His own calendar and timeline.

OH how MANY times I’ve said in my life that I know God’s timing is always right but “I wish He would WIND HIS WATCH!” This was my way of asking Him to hurry up and meet my requests/needs. So I can fully identify with what Peter is saying here.

Peter has called on his audience to remember the prophecies of old. To look at how God has fulfilled them. And to be CERTAIN that God is going to keep on filling the ones that have yet to be completed. God does NOTHING halfway. He doesn’t get up in the middle of the movie and walk out. He doesn’t get bored with His “toys” and abandon them. HE FINISHES WHAT HE BEGINS. EVERY TIME! Read more »

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17 Stand Firm

He IS coming back. Keep on keeping on.

Paul wants to offer a bit more assurance that his readers won’t miss the return of Jesus. God chose them and as long as they keep doing as they have been doing, they won’t miss Jesus’ return.

This group received an honor that no other generation can claim. They were the “first fruits” of the gospel. They were the first generation of the body of Christ. Because of our place in history we can’t claim that honor, but Paul’s encouragement remains the same for us.

God chose each and every one of us before the foundations of the earth were even laid. He chose us “to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in truth” (verse 13). All we needed to do was accept that calling by saying “yes” to Jesus’ substitution sacrifice. Jesus did all the work for us. Read more »

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 An Order of Events

Those who are looking will see the difference.

Paul is reassuring some very worried readers. They have the misconception that they have missed the return of Jesus. Whoever convinced them of this should be ashamed of themselves! Paul assures them there are still events to come before Jesus’ return.

Revelation and Daniel are full of prophecies that have to take place before Jesus returns. I am NOT an expert in interpreting these prophecies. But the one Paul is pointing out is a big one that he feels is unmistakable. Read more »

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 The Coming Day

He IS coming back. Be ready!

Paul addresses the concerns of this new body about the Jesus’ return. The rest of the world will be blindsided but not His body.

We DO NOT know when Jesus will return. Even Jesus Himself doesn’t. Only God does. But He has given us a lot of indicators as to the timing. We have God’s word with every warning and pre sign in it. NO we don’t understand it all and won’t until it is part of hindsight. But what we do know is that He IS coming back. Read more »

Luke 21:34-39 Finding Focus

NO ONE will miss this concert!

Luke is concluding his intense focus on Jesus’ teachings His last week before His ultimate sacrifice. Luke finishes with one last warning from Jesus about staying ready for His coming.

Jesus has been teaching on Mt. Olivet as He and His disciples were on their way back to Bethany after a day of debate with every religious group they could throw at Him. On the way out of town some of His disciples commented on the grandeur of the temple. Jesus quickly told them of its fate. The disciples were shocked, I’m sure, but they wanted to know as many particulars about what was coming as they could. That’s why Jesus sat down on the mountain side and started teaching them about the end times. Read more »