Luke 21:34-39 Finding Focus

NO ONE will miss this concert!

Luke is concluding his intense focus on Jesus’ teachings His last week before His ultimate sacrifice. Luke finishes with one last warning from Jesus about staying ready for His coming.

Jesus has been teaching on Mt. Olivet as He and His disciples were on their way back to Bethany after a day of debate with every religious group they could throw at Him. On the way out of town some of His disciples commented on the grandeur of the temple. Jesus quickly told them of its fate. The disciples were shocked, I’m sure, but they wanted to know as many particulars about what was coming as they could. That’s why Jesus sat down on the mountain side and started teaching them about the end times.

Everyone present has just heard the events to come. Most of those events are terrifying in and of themselves. Jesus has just finished telling His listeners that these events are ALL going to be taking place in ever increasing measures! I wouldn’t have been surprised if they would have felt a little anxious about what was to come. They certainly weren’t expecting what actually happened just a few days from there, even though they were told beforehand.

Jesus’ last words on the matter were to be careful and PRAY! “Pray that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man” (verse 36). Jesus warns His listeners not to get caught up in the cares of the world so that they lose sight of what’s coming. He specifically lists “dissipation and drunkenness” as lifestyles to steer clear of.  I had to look the first word up. It has to do with sexual immorality. Then He lists the blanket area of “cares of this life.”

None of us are immune to getting caught up in all that is going on in our lives. But if you become so caught up in what is going on around you, you will miss the most important thing; time spent in relationship with Him. You don’t have to forsake everything this world has to devote yourself completely to God, but you CAN’T have a real relationship with Him if you don’t give Him your full attention at least part of every day. And Jesus tells us the very tool to keep our relationship on track; prayer.

Jesus specifically tells His listeners that EVERY person on earth will know when He returns. No one will be left wondering. At that point in time, where will I be?

Father God thank You for drawing me back to You today. I was doing exactly what Jesus was warning about. I was being drawn away from our time by the “cares of this world.” Work, or interruptions, or a myriad of other things were getting my attention. I had to say STOP! This is OUR time! Thank You for sending me on a song hunt too. You placed a song in my heart that I HAD to find. Thank you mom and dad for helping me locate it. Thank You Lord that I have parents that raised me on Your words set to music. They stick with me so much better that way.

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