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Matthew 12:1-8 Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath

pouring wheat from one hand to another

High price for a small snack

Jesus and His disciples are back together and continuing their ministering journey. We are not told where they were on their way from or to, but that they found themselves in a grain field one fine Saturday. I’m assuming they were walking along and it’s about midday. I did a little research on how far one could travel on the Sabbath day and states it is a little over two miles.

When Matthew reports that they were hungry, I don’t know if it was an “in between meals” kind of hungry or an “I haven’t had anything to eat all day” kind of hungry. Whichever it was, they used the available food source to satiate it. According to the Sabbath laws they couldn’t cook any food or even stop by the store or restaurant to buy something to eat. Read more »