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Philippians 1:19-30 Ready Regardless of Outcome

“To live is Christ, to die is gain”

Paul conveys his conviction and prayer while in chains. He is dedicated to stand for Jesus, no matter what the outcome. He is leaving that in God’s hands.

Paul’s fate is uncertain. He has been in chains for a LONG time. He was taken in Jerusalem when he went into the temple after delivering gifts to the saints there. He was sent to Caesarea to thwart a plot on his life. He appealed to Caesar when the Jews tried to kill him there. He was then sent Rome to stand before Caesar, along with being shipwrecked in the process. At the time of his writing this letter he had been imprisoned in one form or another for about 6 years. He was renting a house at this time and being guarded there, but he was still a prisoner and under guard. And he had no idea how much longer this situation was going to go on. Read more »

Romans 11:1-10 A Remnant Remains

Not a leftover scrap but a specially saved piece

Paul makes sure the Gentiles know that not all Jews rejected Jesus. God has made sure to keep a portion of people faithful to Him throughout history.

From the beginning of time there were those who remained faithful and close to God, no matter what the climate was like around them. A perfect example of that is Noah. The line of Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son, remained close to God. Without the father’s example how would Noah have learned of God? I’m not sure why this particular family remained set apart in the natural world but I place it squarely at God’s feet in the spiritual world. Read more »