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Mark 12:28-34 Better Than Sacrifices and Offerings

It all starts with a right heart

It all starts with a right heart

We join Jesus in the temple again today. It has been one long day of confrontations for Him, but He has one last round to go with the religious leaders. This time is a little different. This time the seeker may actually be after the truth, instead of out to trap Him.

Mark tells us that one of the scribes came up and was listening in on Jesus’ debate with the Sadducees. After hearing how Jesus answered them the scribe asked a question of his own. The question he asked was “Which commandment is the most important of all?” (verse 28).

Jesus didn’t hesitate for a moment when He answered. Neither Mark nor Matthew mentions any negative feelings towards this question or questioner. I believe this scribe truly wanted to know the answer. Read more »