Romans 8:12-17 Abba! Father!

My name is in there somewhere too

Paul shares with us today the ultimate gift we receive through Jesus; that of becoming sons and daughters of God. What the Law couldn’t do, Jesus did instead. Through faith in Him we are heirs with Christ.

I can’t remember the first time I asked Jesus into my heart. As long as I can remember He has been my Companion, my Savior. I can, however, remember the last time I prayed that prayer.

Because I didn’t have a clear memory of the first time, I was always afraid that I didn’t REALLY belong to Jesus. So, as a child, every time someone made an impassioned plea for people to give their lives to Jesus, I would join in that prayer again. I was afraid I wasn’t really “saved” and was terrified that somehow I would still wind up going to Hell for my sins.

I firmly believe it was Satan yelling those thoughts into my ear as a child. But I also think that my own behaviors were confirming it for me. I wasn’t “putting to death the flesh.” Ask my parents, I was a stubborn child. I wasn’t a horrible child but my life was full of anger, especially if I felt wronged. My brother was on the receiving end of my anger on more than one occasion. I won’t say he didn’t deserve it but I will say that my responses to his behaviors didn’t speak of a loving heart filled with God’s Spirit.

When I was in sixth grade I was at some sort of children’s bible time with a friend. During that meeting the impassioned plea was given again. I responded again, as usual. But this time I heard God’s Spirit speaking to me. He clearly told me that He had been with me all along. He told me I was His child and to NEVER doubt that again. I cried my heart out that day because I finally KNEW I belonged to God. He was my Abba Father and NOTHING Satan said could change that.

I have never again asked Jesus to come into my heart but constantly thank Him instead for being with me. I have had to ask for His forgiveness on MANY occasions as I still struggled with my anger for many more years. I praise Him that He has even moderated that area in my life too. I am still putting my flesh to death and asking the Holy Spirit to live even stronger through me.

Paul says that God’s Spirit testifies to us that we are His children, just as He spoke to me that day. It doesn’t have to be an audible voice or a “burning bush” experience. Sometimes it’s just a deep knowing born through quiet faith.

I’m sad to say that some people, my oldest son being one of them, never really feel that connection to God. I don’t know how to answer that longing question for them. All I can do is pray that God finds a way to break through whatever it is that is blocking them from hearing His voice.

But I will GUARENTEE you that anyone who seeks Him, He will answer their plea and adopt them as quickly as He adopted anyone else. He is no respecter of persons. He loves all of us and wants to be Abba Father to ALL. The whole reason for Jesus’ work on the cross was to make a way for each of us to be a part of His family.

Father God, thank You for adopting me. Thank You for Your clear message to me when my heart was troubled and seeking. Please speak to my son and bring Him back to You. I know he is not beyond Your reach.

Holy Spirit please help me live according to the Spirit instead of the flesh. Help me RUN away from sin at every opportunity. You know my areas of biggest struggle. Thank You for the progress so far, but I still have a long way to go. Thank You that I can trust You to walk with me the rest of the way home.

Thank You Jesus for letting me be Your little sister. I’m so glad I’m a part of Your family.

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