2 John 12-13 In Closing

Farewell for now but not forever. And a few reminders thrown in for good measure.

John closes his short letter with a desire to see this body in person. This isn’t the end of the things John wants to address, but the end of what he feels comfortable writing about.

I’m wondering what it was that John wanted to address in person. Was it something pleasant? Was it a correction that this body alone needed? Was it simply to see long lost friends and catch up? Whatever it was, the Holy Spirit felt we would not need it for our lives today. Otherwise He would have had John put it to paper for us too.

This short letter from John doesn’t go into any deep doctrinal issues or address any obvious great sin. It is an encouraging letter with a few cautions thrown in. It is a reminder to follow Jesus’ commandment to love while also exercising discernment.

  1. Not all of those claiming to be Christians or believers really are. Love them but watch out so you don’t get dragged into their snare.
  2. Watch out for false doctrines coming from even people who claim to be associated with the church.
  3. When those teaching false doctrines come, as they surely will, DON’T give them your ear! Don’t even give them ANY form of support. Don’t even invite them in.

Even with all these cautions though, continue to pray for and reach out to the lost. Show Jesus’ love to the hurting world. Continue to love one another. If Satan can make you suspicious of everyone he has blocked your witness. Let the Holy Spirit caution you when to hold back instead of your fear of being hurt. But be open to His leading and ready to act when HE says to refuse to participate. “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

I have no guaranteed insight into this letter but that is what I’ve taken from it. I believe that is what the Holy Spirit is telling me today. He may have a different message for you and that is fine.

Thank You Holy Spirit for this uplifting but cautionary letter. I’m reminded of the sticky notes of encouragement put into our loved one’s lunch boxes or left on the mirror; a reminder of being loved. But this one adds in a bit of instruction too. More like one of the notes I leave myself on my hand. A reminder of the important things I need to do that day that I DON’T want to leave my side. Something I see every time I use my hand. Something important, especially for me. Written in a way that makes perfect sense to me, even if not everyone else understands what is written there.

Father God, thank You for taking the time to share the finer points with me. This letter wasn’t earth shattering or even DEEP doctrinal teaching. But the points You wanted made were/are still crucial to my spiritual health. Help me NEVER discount ANY point You want to make. Help me also follow Your instructions and leading in my daily life. Help me love like Jesus did. He CERTAINLY stopped false teachings “at the door.” Help me do the same in my life and all times, with His kind of love.

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