Numbers 29:1-6 Offering Reminder 6

Be ready when the call sounds. It is time to take stock.

God reminds His people of the offering required for the Feast of Trumpets. This Holy day is also known as Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

When I was thinking about this feast I wondered what it signified in the time in the wilderness. I went searching and came across many websites that link it to predictive of Jesus’ second coming. Revelation tells us that the end will be heralded by the sound of trumpets. I even came across a site that felt this feast commemorated God’s Law being given to the people.

While I was looking around I found what it represents today. It signals a time of repentance. This is the first of three of Israel’s most holy days and all happen within a span of one month. The second holy day is the Day of Atonement and it falls 10 days after the Feast of Trumpets. All of Israel was to search their hearts and be ready for God’s judgement and their atonement for their sins.

I wonder if this festival could be to commemorate Israel searching their hearts in the wilderness and returning back to God. One very memorable instance of this would be the events following the golden calf. Israel was in mourning over their sin. That sin cost MANY lives but at the end of their mourning God reaffirmed His promise to them. This is just a thought that came to my heart while thinking about this festival.

One thing I do like about this festival is that it sets the tone for the year. It happens on the eve of the regular Jewish calendar. I honestly don’t know why God didn’t synchronize the two calendars but He didn’t. So their year starts twice. Once for the religious calendar and once for the general calendar. Both are commemorated with festivals.

Passover is 14 days into the religious New Year. The people prepare for its arrival for two weeks, making sure all leaven is removed from their homes and their lives. That way they are ready when Passover arrives. With the Feast of Trumpets it signals the beginning of the preparation period. This is a time of searching of hearts and lives to weigh the last year’s activities against God’s word. To be ready and sober minded when it is time to ask God’s forgiveness for the past and make promises for the future. To point the New Year in the direction God would have you go.

God called for a sacrificial remembrance for this event. On the scale of animals used for the celebration itself it is one of the smaller groupings but you have to add in the offering for the new month and the daily offering. This festival is prevent from falling on a Sunday but not a Saturday, Sabbath. So one more offering could be added to this count.

This festival is the only one where music is a required part of it. I am a music lover and applaud this addition. I wonder if this addition is a reminder of the use of the ram’s horn in directing Israel regarding assembling, breaking camp and calling to war. Each time the ram’s horn was blown is required a response from the people. The Feast of Trumpets signals the beginning of a response too; searching the heart. We could all use a reminder call of our own.

Father God, thank You for all Your reminders. Thank You that You prompt me again and again to examine my heart and to see if I am following Your path. I get sidetracked too easily by things wanting my attention. A LOT of times those “attention getters” need to be shut down long term. Lately television has captured a larger portion than it used to. Help me rebalance my time so it honors You. Help me reexamine my direction in light of the pattern You laid out for my life. Let me honor You in all I do.

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