Numbers 11:16-30 Help Arranged

Moses’ motives were right and God gave him a good answer.

Moses was feeling the weight of caring for all the people. The people were feeling deprived of their lifestyle in Egypt. God addresses BOTH issues.

God didn’t ignore the cries of any of His people. But there was a BIG difference between the cries of Moses and the cries of the people. God was not blind to this difference and His answers would fit both situations.

When we last left Moses he was angry with the people’s attitude and their complaining. He was also at his wits end. He knew he was incapable of caring for this huge amount of people on his own. He also knew that God had called him for this mission in his life. So his cry to God was one of need. He needed God to lighten his burden. It wasn’t because he was lazy or preferred things as they used to be. He was incapable of meeting all the people’s demands. He was at the end of himself.

The people, on the other hand, were grumbling and complaining. They had their needs met but they had wants that were not being satisfied. They had food, water, shelter, and protection. They were not satisfied though. They missed the things of Egypt. They completely “forgot” about the bad parts and longed for the “better” parts. They had no patience to wait until they reached their destination either. “Don’t care how. I want it NOW!”

God decided to answer both “complaints.” For Moses, He would send him helpers. For the people, He would send them meat.

When God told Moses to gather 70 elders and officers he didn’t question Him at all. He was more than willing to share this burden and his anointing with those who had already proven themselves trustworthy. I have a quick question here. Are these the same men Moses appointed over the people to help him hear their complaints? His father-in-law had counseled him to set up elders under him who would hear the lesser matters and only bring the larger ones to him. Were these those same men? Were there originally more than 70 of these men? Or did Moses revert to the elders and officers who were over the people while they were still in Egypt?

Whomever he chose, God honored that choice and shared Moses’ anointing with them. His Spirit was on them and they prophesied. The two men who prophesied that were still in the camp brought me to my previous question. God apparently believed that these two men also were worthy of receiving His Spirit of prophecy too. Moses brought his picks and God added a couple of His own.

Even though Moses was over this whole company of people, he was humble. He thought nothing of sharing what God had given him. He lived to serve and now that service was made a little easier.

When God told Moses that He was going to answer the people’s cries too, he was shocked! But HOW!!! God would answer their cries, over and above what they were asking for. But that answer would not please them. He would make them regret their actions; but that is for the next time.

God promised Moses that He would meet the people’s desires over and above what they had begged for. He wouldn’t give them one meal; He would give them a MONTH worth of meals! There would be so much that they would tire of it. They would eat it “until it comes out at your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you” (verse 20b).

I’ve been in this “loathsome” place before. Too much of even a good thing can make you wish you had never seen it or asked for it in the first place. My examples would most likely deal with candy. Sometimes I want some and instead of eating one or two pieces, I devour the whole bag or box. Afterwards I’m physically ill and I swear off that item, again. I regret even wanting it in the first place.

God wasn’t giving in to their demands because He thought realized they were right and He should make them happy. Punishment was in their future in the form of pleasure. They were spitting in His face with their attitudes for “what they left behind.” He would show them the cost of their attitudes. But again, that lesson is for next time. For today’s reading Moses got to tell them to get ready for a miracle!

Father God, I wonder how I would have behaved after hearing Moses tell me that “meat was on the way.” Would I have jumped with excitement or been waiting for the other shoe to drop? I PRAY I wouldn’t have joined in with the “what have You done for me lately” crowd. I would like to believe I would have been content with what You had already provided.

Thank You for listening and answering Moses’ request. I have NO WHERE NEAR the weight he was asked to carry. But I have felt crushed by the weights I’ve had to carry. Being a single parent for 12 years was not easy. Trying to blend two families is not easy either. And caring for my husband every day is no picnic either. I depend on YOU to make these tasks lighter. I still struggle with asking for help. I’m afraid to show I need help. I don’t know why or exactly how I think they will judge me for that “failing.” Maybe it would actually make me look more “human” instead of trying to be “superhuman.” I feel like a fake when others praise me, but I still want that praise. Maybe it is so I might feel worthy of it someday if they keep saying it enough.

Father forgive me! Forgive me for my attitude. Forgive me for not asking for help so I will “look” stronger than I am. Forgive me for not coming to You in truth too. The times I try to hide behind “lofty prayers.” Help me to be real. Thank You that You are here to catch me when I fall. This warrior really is a child.

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