Matthew 24:29-31 Jesus Arrive a Second Time

An unmistakable event!

An unmistakable event!

Jesus has been telling His disciples about the end times and His second coming. They are sitting on the Mount of Olives, just days from His ultimate sacrifice. He has shared what the events of the time will be and the ultimate event that will signal the final end; “the abomination of desolation.” Jesus pointed His disciples to the writings of the prophet Daniel for a better look at what that would look like. Now He is going to share what will happen as He steps back into the scene from Heaven.

Please bear in mind again that I am no expert on end time events or prophecies. I am simply going to share what I see or understand as I read the words Matthew wrote under the Holy Spirit’s guidance; Jesus’ words on the matter.

Jesus says that, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days” (verse 29), that there are going to be Earth shattering and heavens shaking events. The sun, moon, and stars will all be altered. I have no idea how or what God is going to do to accomplish this feat but I assure You that He can and will perform what Jesus says. God’s sign will be visible from anywhere on Earth. No one will miss the coming of Jesus.

After God’s attention getter, Jesus will be seen coming in the clouds. He won’t be coming as the meek and helpless baby. This time He will be coming in power and glory. All the Earth will see Him and mourn. I believe these are the very people who were left behind in the rapture of the church. These people have denied the truth to the bitter end. Satan can no longer delude these people into believing his lies. Jesus’ deity is indisputable at this point. They will be weeping for their own future. They will finally know the full consequences of their choice to reject Jesus. They will also know that they are out of chances. All that is left now is their turn before the judgement seat.

Jesus is standing in the air with His angels all around Him and the saints right behind. Jesus puts His trumpet to His mouth and blows it. Then He says to the angels, “Go get them. Bring my people home.” I believe these are the people who have turned to Him in the midst of the great tribulation. They missed the boat the first time, but realized their sin and surrendered their lives to Jesus in the midst of the greatest trials in history. I don’t know how ANYONE will survive without Him in those days, but I know most of those who remained will still reject Him.

The angels will assemble Jesus’ followers from every corner of the globe and from heaven itself. They will all be gathered to Jesus. Matthew doesn’t tell us here but I believe this is for the battle of Armageddon. In this battle Jesus wipes the floor with His opponent and then binds Satan in chains for 1,000 years.

Father God, please help my children see the truth BEFORE this stage. My heart’s desire is to see all my children serving You and caught away before the tribulation begins. I cannot handle the idea of them being the ones weeping at Your return. I know Your heart doesn’t want to see anyone in that place, but You also know that there will be MANY in that position. Free will can really make a mess at times.

I look forward to seeing You face to face. I believe it will be before the tribulation and I will be at Your back as You return to wage the final war. Keep me alert to the signs of the times. Also calm all my fears of what comes in between.

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