Matthew 24:1-2 The Temple’s Fate Foretold

Not one stone left on another

Not one stone left on another

Jesus and His disciples have just left the temple after dealing with the religious groups. They are heading out of town and headed for the Mount of Olives for some alone time for Jesus and His disciples.

Jesus was in the lead of this procession and the disciples were hanging back doing a little crowd control. When the disciples got free they caught up to Jesus, who was a bit ahead of them on the road. This has been an amazing week for His disciples. They know He is not popular with the religious leaders, especially after He shut so many of them down today, but the crowds all love Him! Their plans for His march to power are still on track. Surely He is going to make His move soon. The disciples are almost giddy with anticipation!

Andrew comes up beside Jesus and says as he is pointing towards the temple, “Just think, all this will soon be Yours! Have You ever actually stopped and just looked at the temple? All of its ornate buildings and the wall with its grand and marvelous gates. Isn’t it glorious!”

Jesus stopped in the middle of the road. He looks over toward where Andrew is pointing. He shakes His head and replies, “Do you see that building and that one over there, and that one too? Let me tell you something. I know how grand they look and how impenetrable you believe them to be, but as sure as I’m standing here right now, there is going to come a time when not one stone will be left upon another. Everything you see will be torn down.” Then Jesus turns and resumes walking.

Andrew is speechless as he looks at the temple. What could possibly cause that kind of devastation? Is this another of His parables? Why does He keep predicting disaster? Can’t He see the success ahead of them?

Jesus continues on to the Mount of Olives. He has a lot to tell His disciples. They need to be prepared, weather they understand it or not.

Father God, thank You for the preparation Jesus provided. I know the disciples didn’t understand until everything was completed, but You prepared them just the same. You have been preparing us for what lies ahead. I still don’t understand it all, but I know everything You have said WILL come to pass. Tomorrow we will get to look at more of Your predictions and promises. Thank You that You hold yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Your hands. Show me what I need to do to be ready for what You have in store. Don’t let me be so blinded by my own plans that I ignore Yours.

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