Mark 12:35-37 David Called Him His Lord

God the Father, God the Son, and the Spirit of God

God the Father, God the Son, and the Spirit of God

Jesus is continuing to teach in the temple. He has dealt with the religious leaders to the point that they are not going to question Him any longer. Now He moves onto a subject He wants the people to ponder. He is not expecting an answer but for them to think about what He is saying instead.

Jesus brings up the question of how can David call the Christ his Lord if the Christ is supposed to be David’s son. The crowd listening to Him was very impressed by His insight. Jesus always taught with firsthand authority and knowledge. We know the origin of that knowledge.

When I was reading Jesus’ question, I was curious about how the Jewish religion would view the passage Jesus was quoting. Essentially, did they believe in the trinity? I touched on this a little bit when we discussed this story in Matthew’s gospel, but I never researched it to find out the truth. I am very sad about what I learned.

I visited SO many sites with differing opinions that I am at a loss to describe it all. I am not a bible scholar, as I have stated many times before. I believe firmly in the trinity. God as a triune being. Three distinct parts within the one whole. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. But does scripture support my belief?

I want to look at the Old Testament first, as that is where God establishes Himself and His relationship with man. Then I want to look at the New Testament and see what Jesus had to say about it. After that I’m going to let you draw your own conclusions.

In the very beginning of the book of Genesis God establishes that there is more than simply Himself in existence at the time of creation. When God made man He said, “Let Us make man in Our image” (Gen. 1:26). For there to be an “Us” there has to be more than a “me.” After Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge, God said, “Behold, now the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil” (Gen. 1:22). Here again God uses a plural term when referring to Himself. There are other verses where God refers to Himself this way. Also I have learned that the terms Elohim and Adonai are plural words God uses to name Himself in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, before Jesus even begins His ministry God establishes His presence as a triune being. At Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan we have Jesus in the water, the Father’s voice speaking from Heaven, and the Holy Spirit descending from Heaven onto Jesus. God’s voice is again heard on the mountain top at Jesus’ transfiguration. Jesus also stated, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” John 14:9). There are many more references than I can list or even bring to mind. Jesus clearly established His position in the Godhead.

Jesus’ reference to Psalm 110:1 today shows two members of the Godhead being observed by David through the third Person of the Godhead. God the Father (the Lord) tells Jesus the Son (David’s Lord, Jesus) to sit at His right hand (the Lord) until He (the Lord) makes all His (David’s Lord, Jesus) enemies His (David’s Lord, Jesus) footstool. Jesus asked how it was that David called his own heir his Lord. It was because David recognized his future decedent’s rightful place, as a member of the Godhead. David saw through the Holy Spirit the truth of Jesus’ parentage. Descended from David, but the incarnation of the Lord. Mind blowing then and still so today!

Father God, everything I was reading today was so confusing. I know You are not the author of confusion, so I had to return to what I believe most clearly in my heart. When looking at how the Jewish religion views Jesus, I wanted to cry and scream! Is this how You feel? I’m so sorry they discounted and dismissed Your Son. The one website that questioned if Jesus ever even existed was so deluded! Satan has perverted so much. I know this will continue to be until Jesus finally returns again. I am looking forward to that day! Open my eyes Lord to Your truth. Open the eyes of those around me too. Let us all see clearly what it is You have as plans for our lives and how we can best serve You.

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