Luke 9:43-45 Secrets Revealed

Warning sign saying Are You Ready?

Disciples: Not even close!

Luke shares with us another warning from Jesus. Luke puts it at the end of the previous story about the father and son. Jesus had already shares this information with His disciples earlier, but now He tells them more pointedly.

Jesus is nearing the end of His time on earth. He wants to prepare His disciples for what is coming. He tells them to “let these words sink into your ears” (verse 44). They will hear Him but they won’t understand, yet. Jesus knew that the Father was keeping the full weight of the truth hidden from His disciples. He still told them anyway. This way when the time did come they would be able to look back and remember His warning.

Luke doesn’t record it here, but every time Jesus shared His future with His disciples He made sure to share the good news at the end too. He never left them without hope. He would rise again after three days. They would have those words to hold onto in the dark of night, IF they could see past their pain. I wonder how many of them did remember. On the road to Emmaus the two disciples commented on the fact that it was the third day. They still didn’t believe at that point but I bet their hearts were tingling.

Jesus’ disciples were puzzled by what He really meant but they were too afraid to ask Him any questions. I guess the tongue lashing Peter received the last time was still on their minds. Were they sad about His prediction or were they saying within themselves, “over my dead body”? Did they think they could prevent what Jesus was sharing? Did they have a plan in mind to get Him on the throne or were they leaving the planning up to Him? We know they thought He was going to have an earthly rule, but were they actively planning it?

Interesting how our plans, if they are not in line with God’s, DON’T come to pass. Jesus was trying to share God’s plans with His disciples but they had plans of their own. Sorry boys, not today. Doing it God’s way.

Father God, I so often think I have everything planned out just to run up against a roadblock. Sometimes those roadblocks are put there by You. Whenever they are I know I have tried to take the lead again. Please forgive me for trying to usurp Your authority. I want to be led by You in all areas of my life. Please help me rightly discern which roadblocks are from You. Those ones I need to respect.

The roadblocks from the enemy need to be torn down. Help me know which is which and how to combat the ones that need moved.

Thank You Jesus that You didn’t leave Your disciples unprepared. Even though they didn’t understand they would have Your words to spur them on. Thank You for the support they had in each other. You never left them alone. You care for me just as clearly. The warnings in Your word are for me today, even if I don’t understand them either. In time all will be revealed.

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