Luke 6:46-49 Solid Foundation

His firm foundation stands the test of time

His firm foundation stands the test of time

Jesus closes His address to His disciples with this final truth. Being one of His disciples will take forgetting the doctrines of the past and laying a new foundation on which to build relationally.

Jesus is still speaking primarily to His disciples, but we benefit from His words just as well. He cautions this group that the work they are embarking on is not easy. It takes digging in and listening with their whole heart. Jesus is willing to spoon feed them the answers but they have to be willing to put into action what they receive. They have to listen to His words and replace all the other teachings they have received with what He is sharing with them. His words have to become their foundation.

Only after laying the firm foundation can they begin building for the future. Any building project requires attention and care be shown from the beginning. This is where Jesus wants His disciples to concentrate right now. He will supply them with materials for use later to construct the upper layers of their walk with Him when the time is right. But for now He wants them to listen closely to His teachings and apply what He shares with them along the way.

Jesus is watching His disciples as He is training them in the truth. He sees which ones are getting it and which ones are along for the ride. Their commitment to His teachings will be weighed very carefully before He sends them out in His name.

Jesus will continue refining His disciples’ foundations the whole time He is with them. He is making sure all is sound for the beginning of His church. He is leaving nothing to chance. Without a proper foundation, anything being built will topple.

I would love to ask Jesus about some of the foundations we have built today. Under the guise of “political correctness” or “church reformation” we have substituted pieces here and there to appeal to more people. But that has resulted in cracked and crumbling foundations. What we have made is not standing the test of time. How I wish we could return to the pure truths He shared in His word. If He was here with us physically, I would ask for clarification on so many things.

Father God, thank You for sending Jesus to prepare the perfect foundation for us. Forgive me for trying to replace bits and pieces of it with my own ideas. Thank You that there is nothing I can do that can stop Your work in this world. Help me build instead of tear down. Show me where to dig up what I have mistakenly labeled as Your truths. Purify my mind and heart. Help me learn of YOU and put YOUR truths into action and not my own. Thank You that Your truths can and do stand the test of time. Help me live by them with my whole heart.

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