Numbers 4:1-49 Levites Duties

I wonder what the “neighbors” thought was under that cloth.

God has Moses number a specific set of the Levites this time. Only the ones who were of working age are listed of the three branches.

When thinking about the work of the people we get to see exactly what this one group was assigned to do. We see what each branch of the Levites were charged with. Their main jobs only happened when the Tabernacle was in motion, just before setting off and coming to rest. The rest of the time their activities were guard duty.

Aaron and his sons performed the priestly duties when in the camp. They were also responsible to get the Tabernacle furniture covered and uncovered for the moves. No one else could even look at the pieces inside the Tabernacle tent. They were also responsible for directing and overseeing the work of the three branches.

I’m curious about the groups carrying all these things. The furnishings were all covered with at LEAST three layers of protection. Their outer layers were all blue. The pieces has their poles put back in them but then they were placed on “carrying frames” for transport. Were they allowed to carry the pieces by their poles? Were they prevented from touching them at all? If so, why did they even have poles? We know that they didn’t put these pieces on carts but hand carried them the whole time.

The curtains and the tent itself were carried by the Gershon portion of the Levites. The Merari portion of the Levites carried all the hardware; ropes, frames, poles, bases and pegs. I’m wondering if these pieces were putt on carts, on carrying frames or hand carried. There were so many pieces and such a LARGE amount of fabric used in the Tabernacle. How was it all transported?

One thing was that God only called for strong men. The men were to be between 30 and 50 years old. They would serve 20 years in their positions. These were the men in their prime and they gave their strength to the service of God.

God commanded special care be taken to protect the branch of Kohathites. They were the ones who would carry the Tabernacle furnishings. There was danger in their job because of the holy nature of the pieces. They were not allowed to look at them uncovered or touch them by anything but their coverings. There had to be that separation from the things of God to keep them safe. Just like the bells and rope around the high priest’s leg during the yearly sacrifice, this tribe had to demonstrate humility and care with God’s things.

Father God, I’m SO glad You bridged that separation for me with Jesus. No longer do I have to be afraid to come to You. YOU opened the way into Your presence. No more coverings to keep me from seeing You. Your lap is open to me to climb up into for our time together.

Thank You Jesus for making this possible for all of us!

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