John 12:44-50 I Have Come As Light

He is The Light in a dark world

I’m not certain where it is that we join Jesus today in our reading. I believe it is still during His final week this side of the grave, as that is topically where John has taken us. But I don’t know who He is addressing or the circumstances surrounding Jesus “crying out.” Are there both believers and nonbelievers in attendance? Is He in the temple teaching? Is He in Bethany for the night? We aren’t really told.

I’m thinking that there are probably both believers and nonbelievers present, if only Judas and a few others who are not fully following Him. Whoever He is addressing, He wants this message heard loud and clear! He “cried out” to ensure all would hear His heart’s cry. He is pleading for our very lives.

Jesus is removing Himself as the “stumbling block” to those who are still on the fence. He is pointing all eyes toward the Father. “For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has Himself given me a commandment- what to say and what to speak” (verse 49). Jesus has done and said nothing on His own authority, but on the Father’s alone. He is the Emissary sent by the King. The One granted all authority to speak in the King’s stead. For He alone knows the heart of the King.

Jesus didn’t come in the Father’s name to condemn anyone. He came to share the love of the Father and do His will. The Father’s will was to reconcile man to Himself and Jesus was the willing vessel used to accomplish that task. The Father’s love was poured into Jesus to pour out onto man. When you refuse to accept Jesus and His words you refuse to accept the Father and His love. It is impossible to have one without the other.

“I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness” (verse 46). Jesus is illuminating the Father. He is shining a light in the dark world to draw people to the Father. Those who love the darkness run away from the light because it exposes the sin in their life. They love their sin more than they do their freedom. Those who run to the light have their sin exposed too, but they are offered cleansing for that sin. These long for freedom from the bondage of sin and that is exactly what Jesus offers them.

Jesus is not judging the believer or the unbeliever. The words He speaks and our actions judge us instead. The paramount words that judge will be those the Father commissioned to speak of Jesus’ authority. He gave His own Son to this fallen world out of love. He called Him by name and title. Those who refuse to heed those words have no part in the Father’s Kingdom. Not even an earthly king would welcome those who refuse to acknowledge the rightful ruler into their fold. Belief in and relationship with Jesus, God’s Son, is the only avenue into God’s Kingdom. That is God’s commandment to be granted eternal life. God said it and Jesus is passing it on to us. Who will listen?

Father God, thank You for sending Jesus to bring me Your love. Thank You Lord Jesus for being willing to bring that precious gift to me personally. I know I’m not the only one You shared this amazing gift with, but I thank You for including me too. I do believe and recognize You Jesus as God’s only begotten Son. I believe in Your position in God’s Kingdom as part of the full Godhead. I also gladly accept forgiveness for my sins through Your redemptive work on the cross. You are my ONLY hope! Thank You for showing me Your Father and His love. Thank You for being the Light in my dark world. Please help me shine Your light in my life. Thank You that I know I can run to You whenever I fail in my task of sharing Your light and You will once again forgive me and help me begin again.

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