It’s been a busy summer!

I wanted to start off by apologizing for being so sporadic in my posting this summer. I have 5 grandchildren that I get to offer care for during the summer. Sometimes it is a few hours a day and sometimes it is a weekend or even a whole week. I love writing when they are here because I can speak into their lives during the discussions it brings up but I can’t hear myself think when they are all here lately. I also get distracted by the programs they have going or the games they are playing instead of writing.¬†Everyone is back in school this week and even the granddaughter I watch the most starts this year, so I will have a lot more quiet time. A VERY mixed blessing there. I plan to get right back on track now.

Two weekends ago we had our annual camp for the grandkids! I was SO glad that almost all of them came. We were only lacking one and it was due to distance and age. He is only 4 months old so wouldn’t be participating much and they live on the other side of the US from us. Looking forward to them joining in once they are done in the military. We had a GREAT time with the 8 who could attend and their parents. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for this amazing group!

Camp NaPa campers!

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