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Exodus 30:11-16 Census Tax

I don’t know if this is what it looked like when God commanded Moses or not. Wonder how much it would translate into today’s economy?

It was time for the people to “put their money where their mouth was” in thanking God for freeing them. Every person would pay the same price; a ransom for their lives.

God wasn’t holding them “hostage” and demanding a ransom. Instead He had already freed them and was requiring an act of thanks. Each life was worth exactly the same amount. It didn’t matter if the person was rich, poor, famous, or an unknown. Each person, 20 years and older was required to pay this tax.

I have a question here; big surprise huh. Would there be an argument from some because they never wanted to be ransomed in the first place? I fully believe that if God hadn’t caused so much trouble in Egypt for the Hebrews that some of them would have decided to stay behind. But the Egyptians “drove them out” as an act of self-preservation. Several times already the people have voiced that they really didn’t want to go on this journey. Would they feel put upon when told to pay this tax? Read more »

Genesis 10:1-32 Start of Nations

The chart I purchased from Amazing Bible Timeline. Genealogy of the bible. Link provided below.

We have come to another portion of genealogy. In today’s family tree we will see many nations begin. It is importance for tracing Jesus’ lineage.

I’m wondering where they came up with their baby names. I doubt they had a book, like we do, with baby names to try out during pregnancy. I wonder if some of these names were repeats from before the flood. We already saw how some of the names were so close to the spelling of another. I also noticed that both Seth and Cain had an Enoch.

There are several nations named in the lines of these three brothers. I recognize more in Ham’s line than anyone else’s. That doesn’t mean he had the majority just that my geography skills are lacking. I’m simply going to list the ones I recognize. From Japheth’s line I recognize Gomer and Magog. I also recognize Tarshish and Kittim.  From Ham’s line I recognize all of his sons; Cush, Egypt, Put and Canaan. Nations from their descendants that I also recognize are Dedan, and Sidon. The list of peoples following Heth I recognize but I’m not sure if these were names of Canaan’s sons or some of the nations that sprang out of them. The Jebusites, Amorite, and Hivites are peoples I recognize as being in Read more »

Yes! We are back!!

SO glad everyone came along for the ride!

I’m back to writing again! My site had to have a major move happen and I wasn’t able to write for about a week. I’m happy to say all went well and we are back on our journey again. Thank you GoDaddy team for making it all happen!

I Found It!

I love a good plausible backstory

When we looked at Lazarus and Mary, his sister, story I wanted to share a book with you that I had read. It is a fictional account of Lazarus and his family before and after his resurrection. I love reading biblical fiction as they provide the possible backstory I so long to know. This one is called “Jesus Wept” and is book one in the Jerusalem Chronicles series.

I couldn’t remember the post where I mentioned this book and had searched for it unsuccessfully. While looking again for some of my “favorite books” I found it today and had to share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have really missed our time together

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note tonight and say I’m sorry for not posting for the last week. I had house guests while my house was being worked on. I didn’t have any quiet time to sit and write. Tonight is a wash because of traveling all day. I will be back tomorrow to pick up where we left off. Thank you for your faithfulness. Sorry mine slipped for so long. 🙂