Hebrews 13:20-25 Closing Hebrews

It’s time to get up and get walking. He is walking right beside you too.

Our author wraps us his letter to the Hebrew brothers with a blessing in a prayer and a request. He asks God to equip them and asks them to hear the truths contained in this letter.

He starts his blessing/prayer for them by pointing out first the nature of God. “May the God of peace” (verse 20a). God doesn’t stir up trouble. He brings an eternal peace. Not like the world gives though. Yes, we WILL have trouble in this world, especially when we stand for Him. But He gives us a peace in our spirit that nothing can take away. Not trouble. Not persecution. Not even death. His peace is eternal.

Next we see the power of God. The God who was able to do works that NO OTHER could do. “Who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus” (verse 20b). Jesus brought several people, including Lazarus, back from the dead while He walked the earth. Elijah brought back the widow’s son through prayer. But none brought back one so badly beaten and broken. None of those raised from the dead carried the weight of the world’s sin on them either. God did the impossible by restoring Jesus. Let’s see ANY of those man made gods try that!

Now we move onto what our author is asking of God for his readers. May He “equip you with everything good that you may do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight” (verse 21a). This walk is NOT easy! We are going to face tough times. But He has everything we need to walk in His will. HE gives us the ability. We don’t have it on our own. If we did we wouldn’t have needed Jesus’ sacrifice. He gives us what we need because He loves us. And He gave it to us already through Jesus’ work. To Jesus belongs ALL the glory for our walk with Him, for our restoration and salvation. We didn’t do ANY of it. He did it for us.

The last major thing our author does in his letter is to ask those reading to consider carefully what he has presented. “I appeal to you, brothers, bear with my words of exhortation” (verse 22a). I believe that the previous prayer is in preparation for this request. ‘God give them extra understanding so they can absorb what You presented through me.’ Hebrews is a complete change for those who were raised in the Hebrew faith. This letter explains the change from the Law to the new covenant in Jesus’ blood. It ends temple sacrifices for the new believers. They can’t have a foot in each camp. It is time to step fully into the new promise bought with Jesus’ blood. To this audience this was a MAJOR change. Our author asks that they let this letter percolate in their hearts. He is asking God, through His Holy Spirit to open their eyes to this truth. Yes, they have heard about Jesus. They may have even accepted Him as their Savior, but now they are being called upon to take that defining step into the NEW promise. Walk in ALL He has purchased for us!

Father God, thank You for Your words. Thank You for clearly showing me the difference between the old and the new promises. Thank You that I don’t live under the Law. I would NOT make it! Honestly, none would. That is why You sent Jesus.

Than You Jesus for doing for me what I had NO hope of doing for myself. Thank You for Your amazing love! Thank You that You equip me to walk this daily walk with You. I couldn’t even do this part alone. I NEED You! I need Your hand guiding my life and strengthening me when I am weak. I need Your peace and Your presence every day. Thank You that You promised these things to me and that I can rely on them being there for me continually. Keep my mind always considering Your words and my heart dedicated to walking in Your will.

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