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Numbers 28:16-25 Offering Reminder 4

One is a promise for the ONE to come.

Today we revisit the Passover offering. This is one of the holiest remembrances for Israel and the start of their religious calendar year.

God has had the people celebrating the Passover every year during their wanderings. I wasn’t sure about this until we read that He called them to commemorate it not long after the Tabernacle was completed. This group of adults grew up with the commemorative ceremonies but didn’t experience the initial event. Or at least they didn’t experience it as adults.

The instructions given here include more than just the elements required to be in the offering. They include the proclamation of two “holy convocations” at the beginning and end of the Holy days. These instructions fix the date of this observance as well as its length. And these instructions include the command for unleavened bread to be eaten during the full week. Read more »

Numbers 28:11-15 Offering Reminder 3

Commemorate each one with Him.

The third offering God commands Moses to remind the new generation about is the monthly offering. This one is in addition to any other of that day.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to figure out how many animals of each kind were used in the sacrifices required for the people. The sacrifices listed in chapter 28 and 29. I put together a rough chart showing the approximate numbers. Because of the variability of the Jewish calendar this is a rough estimate. Sorry for getting sidetracked with that but my mind kept going there. I’m only going to say one more thing about the numbers (for now at least). I would HATE to be a lamb in Israel! Read more »

Numbers 28:9-10 Offering Reminder 2

I couldn’t find a picture with two lambs so you will have to cross your eyes.

God is having Moses remind or reaffirm portions of His Law. Today’s reading covers the special offerings to be done each Sabbath.

Moses is speaking for God to the new generation. The children who are now ready to inherit God’s promise. They need to know God’s Laws for themselves. They HAVE to avoid the sins that their fathers fell into. They must put their whole trust in God.

The offering for the Sabbath is a double portion of the daily offering. God doesn’t specify here at what hour this offering is to be presented. I have no doubt that this information was contained somewhere for the priests. But this offering was in addition to the daily offerings being made. Read more »

Numbers 28:1-8 Offering Reminder 1

The daily offering was to be brought at the morning and twilight.

The time has come for Israel to prepare to move into the Promised Land. God has Moses remind them of many things. Today it is the daily offering.

After reading the last days reading I skimmed through the rest of Numbers trying to find when Moses went up onto the mountain to die. I didn’t find it in Numbers. It is in the end of Deuteronomy. What I did find didn’t fill me with excitement. I found God going through many pieces of the Law that were previously covered.

I will admit right now that I wished I could fast forward and skip the repeat lessons. Before getting started reading it again today I prayed for the Holy Spirit to show me something different or why this was included again. I believe He has answered my prayer. Read more »

Numbers 27:12-23 Passing the Torch

God planned for His people’s future before Moses even asked.

God tells Moses of the end of his life. He reminds him of why he will not go into the Promised Land but will see it. He also cares for the people at Moses’ urging.

I thought we were nearing the end of Numbers because of the story regarding Moses. I thought Moses’ end would come at the end. We only get a preview of what God has for Moses. We will see the completed story at the end of Deuteronomy. Timewise this is nearing the end of the 40 years in the wilderness but God wants to reiterate some things before closing this book.

Today God reminds Moses of his sin and his inclusion with all the other “first generation exodus” members from Egypt. All but Caleb and Joshua were barred from inheriting the promise. ALL were for excluded on the basis of unbelief. Moses and Aaron’s unbelief happened separately from the rest of the congregation but God still called them out on this sin. Read more »