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Acts 9:1-19 Was Blind but Now I See

God didn’t leave Saul spiritually or physically blind

We meet Saul again in our story today. No longer is he the young disciple bystander. Today he is a vicious threat to the new believers. He has murder in his heart towards any who call on Jesus’ name.

Saul fully believed in what he was doing. He thought the best way to honor God was to remove anyone who professed faith in Jesus from the planet. He didn’t simply want them in jail, but dead. He had been fully indoctrinated by the religious leaders and bought into their beliefs wholeheartedly.

I’m pretty sure Saul was a favorite of the high priest too. A man on fire to do his will in ridding the world of those professing faith in Jesus. He was MORE than happy to give Saul the authority to strike against those of “the Way.” Read more »