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John 6:1-15 Two Kinds of Food

A meal from a King

We come to a story today that each of the previous gospel writers included in their accounts. It is the story of Jesus feeding more than 5,000 people. This was an amazing miracle and I’m glad all four included this event, but it makes it a bit hard on me today. I try to find something new each time we encounter a repeated story, but today I’m having trouble doing that.

FIRST of all, I’M not the one who is supposed to come up with the new insight. God is the director of my course, so I have to trust Him to lead me to where we need to be. Sorry Father fro trying to take the reins from Your hands. I’m simply going to go through the things I noticed when reading today’s account.

We know a little of the “backstory” for this event from Matthew, Mark and Luke’s accounts. We know that Jesus was taking His disciples to this “desolate place” for a little alone time. John the Baptist’s death was fresh and raw for Jesus. Read more »

Luke 9:10-17 All or Part?

What am I holding back?

What am I holding back?

We have come to a story that put’s Olive Garden’s special to the ultimate test; the TRUE “never ending salad bowl.” I know Jesus didn’t really serve salad in our story but that is what came to my mind when thinking about this story. Jesus feeds 5,000 men today, plus women and children.

Matthew and Mark shared this story with us too. Matthew tells us of another miraculous meal where Jesus fed 4,000 plus people. So what made these meals possible?

We’ve told the logistics of the story twice already from a couple of different angles. With Matthew’s telling we took the personal view and looked at doubt v faith scenarios.  In Mark’s account we looked at the fact that EVERYONE ate, regardless of their opinion of Jesus.  So I want to take a different approach with Luke’s version. He shared all the same information, but I want to focus on one aspect of the story instead of the whole. Kind of like seeing the tree instead of the forest approach. Read more »

Mark 6:30-44 They All Were Satisfied

Plenty for everyone with some left over

Plenty for everyone with some left over

Jesus’ disciples have just returned from their first mission trip. They are excited about all they have seen and done. They can’t wait to tell Jesus how successful it was. Jesus wanted to hear all about it too, but not where they were at.

When Jesus sent His disciples out to share His message, even more people were able to hear the gospel. Which in turn caused more people to follow Jesus and His disciples. There were so many people that night, when the disciples got back to Jesus that they couldn’t even eat. Everyone wanted to talk to them or ask them for something. Jesus knew that His disciples were tired and needed a rest.

So Jesus tells His group that they are going to sneak away to an isolated place for some rest and alone time. But the people figured out their destination and rushed ahead and beat them to where they were going. These people were HUNGRY for what Jesus and His disciples had been serving. They wanted more and they were willing to do whatever it took to get it. Read more »

Matthew 14:15-21 Jesus Feeds 5,000 and then some!

Table for 5,00 please

Table for 5,00 please

Jesus is in a “desolate place” with His disciples. He came here to deal with His grief over the death of His cousin John. When Jesus arrived in this place, He was met by a huge crowd, which He immediately began ministering to. The WHOLE day has been spent in meeting this group’s physical needs for healing. We pick up our story as evening dawns.

Jesus’ disciples were tired and hungry and figured that the people in the crowd probably were too. They wanted Jesus to send the crowd away so they could have dinner in peace. Of course they didn’t put it that way to Jesus. The asked Him to send the crowd away so the people could go and get something to eat in the surrounding towns. There wasn’t anything there for them to eat or anywhere for them to buy food. (I guess our village merchant from the sower and the seed parable encounter didn’t make an appearance at this gathering.) The disciples were probably not as self-serving as I originally made them sound, but they certainly recognized their lack of ability to meet the current need of the people. Had they heard people, maybe children, in the crowd complaining about being hungry? Read more »